MADISONVILLE, LA - Col. Rob Maness (USAF, ret.), the conservative, non-politician running for U.S. Senate to advance liberty, prosperity, and certainty, released his fifth #SolutionsForUs plan today: "Disaster Relief - No Pork, No Delay" would create a quicker and more efficient federal government response to natural disasters that includes instant relief without the pork.  Maness's proposal would result in the creation of a pre-funded disaster relief fund and ban unrelated pork spending from being included in any disaster relief assistance.

"Disaster relief is a real need that should be available the instant a disaster strikes," said Maness.  "As your Senator, I will introduce legislation banning special interest pork spending from being put into disaster recovery bills.  Localized disasters should not be used as a trough for spending that has nothing to do with disaster relief."

Maness's Disaster Relief - No Pork, No Delay proposal would:

  • Develop a pre-funded disaster relief fund to allow money to flow to victims of natural disasters 
  • Eliminate the opportunity to add in unrelated pork barrel spending
  • Provide transparency and accountability in spending

During the Republican Leadership Conference (RLC) earlier this summer, Maness spoke-out about the need for disaster relief without the pork:

"As a Christian nation we know that when natural disaster strikes, we must help our neighbors in need. "But if anyone has the world's goods, and sees his brother in need, yet closes his heart against him, how does God's love abide in him?" - 1 John 3:17

"I will fight for disaster relief funds for our state, but I will not go along with the Washington elites to use disaster relief to insert abusive pork-barrel spending. In the Hurricane Katrina relief bill, $50 million was spent on an indoor rainforest in Iowa. $50 million of our tax dollars. $18,000 went for a smoking booth at a private airport in Teterboro, New Jersey. In 2005, the tsunami relief bill for Indonesia included $25 million for a fish hatchery in Montana, and the Hurricane Sandy relief bill in New Jersey included $150 million for fisheries in Alaska.

"Probably all great ideas, but not the right place to fund them.  No more of that.  I'll introduce legislation to end this practice, and I'll make famous the name of any politician who tries to abuse the system again and prevent our citizens from getting the disaster relief aid immediately." 

The Disaster Relief - No Pork, No Delay proposal is the fifth #SolutionsForUs plan Maness has put forward - others include the:

AuthorManess Campaign


In a race that could decide if Republicans gain control of the Senate, Louisiana Tea Party candidate Rob Maness is touting an internal poll conducted by the Senate Conservative Fund showing him taking 16 percent of the vote while Republican Bill Cassidy receives 32 percent, with Democrat Mary Landrieuleading with 43 percent. Should Maness manage to peel away double-digit support it could prove problematic for establishment candidate Cassidy as he seeks to top the 50 percent support threshold necessary to prevent a runoff election. Maness' support from conservative groups like SCF and conservative leaders like Tony Perkins and former Gov. Sarah Palin, R-Alaska, along with any financial boost Maness gets from these groups could further complicate matters for Cassidy. 

AuthorManess Campaign

MADISONVILLE, LA - The surging Rob Maness for Senate campaign renewed its call today for a robust and active debate-forum participation from opponents Senator Mary Landrieu and Congressman Bill Cassidy.  To date, Maness has accepted at least 14 invitations to participate in debates-forums throughout Louisiana while Senator Landrieu has accepted 4 invitations and Congressman Cassidy has accepted one. 

"The qualifying period has passed, we know who is on the ballot in November so there should be no more excuses, no more barriers preventing both Sen. Landrieu and Congressman Cassidy from embracing  a robust and active debate schedule," said Maness. "Hiding from the voters and ducking debates is not an option.  From growing the economy to reforming our broken education system, Louisiana's voters deserve to know where we stand and what we'll fight for in Washington.  That's why I've put forward a 'Solutions for Us' agenda with more 46 specific conservative policy proposals - if Sen. Landrieu and Congressman Cassidy have different ideas for reform, let's debate them."

Rob Maness has accepted invitations to participate in the following debates-forums: 

  1. August 28th - Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce Candidate Forum
  2. September 2nd - Louisiana Federation of Republican Women Candidate Forum
  3. September 4th - Mandeville Women's Republican Club Candidate Forum
  4. September 18th - The Bayou Teche Republican Women's Club Debate
  5. September 23rd - League of Women Voters Candidate Debate
  6. October 1st - Republican Women of St. Tammany Senate Candidate Forum
  7. October 9th - WDSU Televised Senate Candidate Debate
  8. October 14th - Council for A Better Louisiana and Louisiana Public Broadcasting Debate
  9. October 27th - WWL-TV Senate Candidate Debate
  10. October 29th - Louisiana State University Manship School of Journalism Debate

Maness added, "Next Thursday, the Thibodaux Chamber of Commerce is hosting a candidate forum, I know Congressman Cassidy has a tailgate party on his schedule but we'll save a spot for him and Senator Landrieu just in case.  There aren't many opportunities for the people in Thibodaux to have all of the candidates together - the Chamber has put together a great event and I think all of us who are asking for their support should show them the courtesy of showing up to their event."

AuthorManess Campaign