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Russia, Russia, Russia…again and again and again

The continued politicization of the U.S. Intelligence community is far more damaging than any attempt to meddle in our elections, as we know Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran continue to do.

The most recent leak from the Democrat-chaired House Select Permanent Committee on Intelligence once again confirmed the continued challenge we face with intelligence assessments, without support from valid sources, adding disinformation to a presidential election.

Seriously, you ask? Yes, I’m serious, and as a former member of the Intelligence community with executive supervisory responsibilities, I’m also deeply disappointed and gravely concerned about our national security. Think about this: Shelby Pierson, the senior intelligence officer for assessing election security, lied to Congress when she overstated [1] the intelligence community’s formal assessment of Russian interference in the 2020 election, omitting important nuances during a briefing with lawmakers earlier this month, according to multiple national security officials. Even CNN has admitted her statement was not accurate.

What was that lie? That the “Russians were working to re-elect President Trump,” when in fact the assessment simply said the Russians were attempting to interfere again and that Trump is someone they see could be worked with, if re-elected. This resurrection of the “Russia wants to elect Trump” lie flies in the face of all we’ve learned after more than three years of disinformation about the 2016 election and the Trump administration.

Let’s review the huge stinking pile of evidence of our corrupt intelligence and law enforcement agencies we’ve uncovered over the last three years: intelligence agents began work on the Trump-Russia collusion hoax in early 2016 or before. “Crossfire Hurricane,” the FBI counterintelligence investigation into the collusion hoax against Trump campaign advisers, begun at the end of July 2016, was not properly predicated, and FBI agents and attorneys filed for and got Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court (FISA) warrants against Carter Page by using false information.

The Intelligence Community Capability Assessment on Russia election meddling authorized by President Obama in 2016 and published in January of 2017 used the fake Steele Dossier. The Department of Justice inspector general found no less than 17 instances of significant “errors” in the FBI FISA warrant process. The FISA Court has determined that two of the four warrants against Carter Page resulted in illegal surveillance. The former deputy director of the FBI lied no less than four times to the DOJ and FBI investigators. The Steele Dossier affair includes the hiding of the fact that an opposing political party and campaign was paying Steele to develop opposition research on Trump through Glen Simpson’s Fusion GPS company. A high-ranking DOJ official, Bruce Ohr, continued to develop Steele as a source after Steele was fired as a source by the FBI, and Ohr’s wife, Nellie, was working for Fusion GPS at the time. The prosecution of Lt. General Mike Flynn appears to be based on a falsified 302, the documentation of his first interview where the FBI agents assessed he was being truthful and where he wasn’t informed that he was under investigation and advised of his rights. Recent FBI document releases reveal that the Mueller prosecutors withheld exculpatory information in the case of George Papadopoulos, resulting in contemplation of criminal referrals by House Republicans. Are you breathless yet with all these abuses of power and partisan activities in law enforcement and intelligence agencies charged with keeping Americans safe? I know I am.

So yeah, you should be frightened, not of new acting Director of National Intelligence Rick Grennell [2], but of the continued intrusions by apparent political activist intelligence officers and their media acolytes who are aiding and abetting our nation’s enemies in their continued disinformation campaigns.

I hope you’ll use that fear and take action to call and write your congressperson today, to stop the FISA act because re-authorization and markup is happening in the House of Representatives [3] right now.

This article was originally published at LifeZette.com [4].