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The Iran Deal: A Peace For Our Time Moment

With the stroke of the pen, the United States created a peace for our time moment and assumed the mantle of nuclear military power creator in the most volatile part of our Earth a few weeks ago, and potentially positioning the world on the brink of World War III. If all this wasn’t bad enough, I agree with Senator Ted Cruz, R-TX, assessment that President Obama becomes the world’s largest financier of terrorism with this deal as Iran will flow much of the $150 billion we will hand them to its surrogates, Hamas, Hezbollah, the Taliban and Al Qaeda around the region.

We have placed the most despotic, anti-Israel, and anti-America Nation, in that part of the world, on the list of those that will have access to the most deadly arms ever created by humanity. Which Nation is it? Without constitutional approval, the Obama Administration has placed the totalitarian Islamic Republic of Iran, the self-declared enemy of America, and of all Nations that cherish freedom and human rights, into the most powerful strategic position in all of Islam and the Middle East.

Iran will use these weapons to bring compliance to their wishes throughout the region and eventually, the rest of us, as they combine nuclear weapons with their existing and emerging long-range missile technology. This unwarranted treaty (regardless of the Obama Administration’s legalese attempts to specify otherwise, it is a treaty)   is the final nail in the bridge that completes Iran’s long road to achieve their strategic objective to be the hegemonic power in the Middle East that is capable of deterring the Western powers from using military power to influence them.

The immediate great danger to all of us is the influence of the treaty on the Islamic State (IS).  The IS will eventually willingly enter Iran’s orbit in an attempt to grow stronger and achieve status as more than a self-proclaimed Nation-State, exposing all humanity to their despicable brand of Islam and it’s penchant to commit genocidal atrocities against homosexuals, Christians, children, and women.  The IS will join groups like Hamas and Hezbollah, who are now supported by the best funded terrorist country in the world thanks to the United States. We will find ourselves in a wider war against a well-funded, equipped, and trained group of the deadliest forces ever fielded because whether we face it or not, they are in a religious war against us.

The strategic implications outside the Middle East are astounding. Just one day before Secretary of State John Kerry signed this appalling agreement, I wrote about the strength of Russia’s threat and America’s weakness due to our insistence on trying to achieve Global Zero [1]. The “deal” signed the next morning links to our increasing weakness, because it will make Iran’s close friend, Russia, even stronger by giving it a nuclear-armed ally in the region.

The strongest evidence of America’s weakness is not what is in the treaty however, it is what is not.  The four American hostages held by the Mullah’s of Iran should have been released before any agreement to lift sanctions would occur but we are so weakened by our feckless foreign policy and lack of an effective wartime strategy, Secretary Kerry apparently could not even make the demand.

Of course, the secret “side agreements” are impending disasters, especially what we know about them, which has America guaranteeing to prevent Israel from attacking Iran’s nuclear weapons program targets. We cannot proceed further down the road without World War III kicking off with a trigger agreement like this in the treaty.

Yes, my fellow Americans, we have a difficult road ahead, created by our own elected leaders.

I believe Senator Tom Cotton was correct to vote against the Congressional act sponsored by Senator Bob Corker (R-TN) requiring a simple majority vote to approve this treaty. This action removed the need to meet the Constitutional requirement for a super Senate Majority vote to approve treaties. That is right folks; all that stands between the free world and the emergence of a nuclear-armed Iran is a majority vote in the U.S. Congress.

Fortunately the American people are overwhelmingly demanding that Congress reject the Treaty.  While that will be a good start, simple Congressional rejection based on the Corker Bill will not be enough as President Obama has already stated he will veto any rejection of the Treaty. We have only one true course of action; Congress must immediately take the Corker Bill to the Supreme Court where it will most assuredly be deemed unconstitutional, violating the treaty making powers enumerated there for each branch of government.  We the people of the United States must prevent our Country from becoming the Neville Chamberlain “Peace in Our Time” [2] of the 21st Century, even if our President insists on accepting the role. Call your representatives and Congressional leaders immediately to tell them to correct this grave error before it happens, let’s roll now America, before it’s too late.

Note: This article was originally published by Conservative Review