There’s something wrong with this Bubba Wallace guy. He’s like Jussie Smollett – only much more arrogant and brazen if you can believe that.

And he’s about as “likeable” as Smollett too, which is not good news.

After making a massive spectacle of a “garage door pull,” claiming it was a “noose” and declaring he was the victim of a vicious hate crime, only to be debunked by the FBI, Bubba still can’t let it go.

Yes, Bubba has made a lot of PR mistakes along the way, but his biggest one was going on Don Lemon’s show last night to declare that the FBI and video evidence of the “garage door pull” from last year was wrong and it was indeed a noose.

MORE NEWS: [VIDEO] Just Hours Before FBI Debunked His “Noose Story” Bubba Wallace Called Anyone Doubting Him “Simple-Minded”

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This guy really, really, REALLY wants a noose.

Wallace was mocked horrifically for that tone-deaf move. It looks as if he wants to be the “star” of a racist hate crime so bad that he can’t accept the fact that he wasn’t.

Sound familiar, Jussie?

Then today, after facing all the backlash from his Don Lemon disaster, Bubba, who just can’t stop digging his hole deeper, gets on Twitter to talk about his amazing “integrity.”

Here’s what he said:

Integrity..something nobody will ever be able to take away from me. God will always test us to show how strong we truly are. Still standing proud and still smiling.

Needless to say, the narcissistic race-baiter got instantly and brutally shredded.

“Whatever you say RACE BAITING CLOWN!”

“Integrity while throwing water in another racers face, or still believing it was a noose? Comical”

“Your integrity is gone all right … if you had any to begin with. Blame whoever you want.”

“You have no integrity Bubba.”

“Dude, you’re a laughingstock. Go home.”

“Really? What is it exactly that you are smiling about? I am smiling because Trump’s stock market is soaring .”

“Thanks a lot for destroying Nascar! LOSER”

“You accused millions of Americans of being racist and simple minded, but you are now the victim, maybe if you waited to accuse until all the evidence was in, your integrity would not be in question?”

“God didn’t test you Bubba. You just took the devil’s advice.”

“Integrity is admitting you were wrong that it wasn’t a noose, and you weren’t targeted for a hate crime”

Bubba doesn’t understand how the fan-base of his own sport operates.

He’s making matters so much worse for himself with this “wokeness,”  and going on “The View,” and “CNN.”

If Bubba wants to come out of this half-way intact, he needs to lay off the interviews and stop tweeting, and come up with an apology…Otherwise, he’s going to replace Kaepernick as the most hated man in sports.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on June 24, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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