Jimmy Kimmel finally decided to take time out of his busy schedule to respond to the racist “blackface” video that was recently unearthed.

The video shows Kimmel mocking NBA legend Karl Malon, speaking like an unintelligent animal in this offensive over-exaggerated “black man’s voice,” while wearing absurd blackface makeup.

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Kimmel’s “apology” was a joke. He vowed not to allow the real haters and racists to stop his amazing work and his righteous fight for “equality,” because he’s “matured” and “evolved” is now a key player in the civil rights movement or something like that.

Don Jr. actually called him out for the narcissistic “apology.”

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It was a tone-deaf response.

The bottom line is that Kimmel is as evil, racist, and awful as he likes to say Trump and his supporters are. It’s a classic liberal case of projection.

These liberals are everything (and more) that they accuse everyone else of being – and when it’s time for them to face the music, they duck and run.

Kimmel took 2 months off from his show just as the “blackface” scandal broke and then said it was a pre-planned vacation.

Sure bet, buddy.

Now, as backlash intensifies from the blackface, N-word, and even the Megan Fox clip, Kimmel is high-tailing it out of dodge and heading for a secret location where he hopes he can relax as things “blow over” for him.

Self-serving privileged jerk.

From Daily Mail

Disgraced comedian Jimmy Kimmel has fled LA for a secret location in an attempt to avoid the race row sparked after photos emerged of him doing skits while in blackface, DailyMail.com can reveal.

Kimmel is also under fire after being caught using the n word repeatedly while imitating rapper Snoop Dogg in newly unearthed audio that dates from 1996.

In the song, Kimmel can be heard rapping: ‘Me and my n***er down in LBC, we’ll smoke that motherf***er Christmas tree.’

On Tuesday, Kimmel finally apologized in a video message in which the skits were described as ’embarrassing’ and he claimed to have ‘evolved and matured’ over the last 20 years.

Friends of the 52-year-old said he has now left town in a bid to avoid the row and is hoping his apology will see him left alone.

A source told DailyMail.com: ‘Jimmy said he is getting out of town to duck this c***. He just wants to be left alone with his family.’

Roseanne Barr, who had the #1 show at the time, was instantly canned by ABC for much less, even after a groveling apology.

Kimmel, who has low ratings, but is an anti-Trump “resister,” still has a job.

But that’s okay – nobody is watching Kimmel – and after this, his ratings will tank even more and Kimmel will be placed on a much longer “pre-planned vacation.”



This piece was written by Missy Crane on June 24, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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