You would think that a governor responsible for killing thousands of elderly people by sending coronavirus patients into nursing homes would keep his mouth shut when it comes to criticizing others about their coronavirus response.

But when it comes to democrats, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, in particular, they don’t know how to keep their mouth shut.

When you have a pandemic, it’s pretty much not something you can’t stop. It runs it’s course depending on circumstances. It has to be managed on many levels. And Cuomo’s management was both inept and deadly.

Nevertheless, Cuomo feels the need to criticize Trump for his COVID-19 response by saying the “covid scandal makes ‘Watergate’ look innocent.”

I’m not sure what the scandal is and Cuomo doesn’t explain his generic complaining about Trump other than to say that the president was denying the reality of the situation and is attacking science. He cites no specifics.

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This is the same song and dance we’ve been hearing from the democrats for months.

It’s kind of funny to criticize Trum for denying reality. If he was doing that, why did he ramp up testing and purchase massive amounts of ventilators and PPEs? 

And why was Trump having coronavirus task force press conferences every day during the worse of the outbreak when everyone wanted to know what was going on with hospitals and supplies?

And perhaps Cuomo doesn’t know that although the CDC offered guidelines based on their available science, which the president supported, most decisions were left up to the state governors, not President Trump.

Cuomo says that New York was right from day one. 


Right about what?

His “rightness” resulted in months of the most COVID-19 cases and deaths in the country and New York has ended up with the most coronavirus deaths which currently sits at 32,350, more than double the amount of the next highest state, New Jersey. 

Cuomo is responsible for the deaths of 6500 people in nursing homes due to his his bad policies and is decimating the economy of his state. 

But I guess that’s not a scandal.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on July 15, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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