Congressman Louis Gohmert (R-TX) told the media over the weekend that riots, civil unrest, and COVID are part of the Democrat strategy for winning in the fall.

He said, “Their strategy is, if we can keep America in turmoil, the riots, the economic problems that COVID has caused, it’s better for getting rid of Donald Trump. It’s sad, but it appears [Democrats] don’t care so much about letting America heal because they want the political advantages they think from seeing America devastated just so they can get back in power. That is horrendous. Republicans never felt that way and still do not.” Democrats deny this to the point of absurdity.

As Congressman Gohmert accurately noted, the Democrat strategy seems to be pretty clear cut at this point. Three main parts of it seem to be:

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1. Riots and civil unrest— Exploit and encourage allied groups such as Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and various other anarchist and Marxist groups to loot, set fire to property and homes, and vandalize major American cities. This is done by the ideologically motivated of the groups to plainly destroy the country. But insidiously, it is done by Democrats to hammer in the message that the president can’t control the mayhem and thus hope voters hold him responsible. That’s why Democrat mayors are fighting the president on federal crime-fighting aid.

It is in the best political interests of those mayors and their party that the cities burn, no matter what the affect on the residents of the cities. The underlying Democrat message is: Elect Joe Biden and this will all stop, as the object of the riots, Donald Trump, will be gone. Of course, it won’t stop. It’ll just switch from the streets to the DC halls of power.

2. COVID— Make sure restrictions on business and personal liberty remain in place to annoy citizens and further restrict economic activity. This has the same goal as the riots, to hope America believes the old adage that “a fish rots from the head” and holds the president responsible. That’s why Democrat governors are fighting tooth and nail to keep restrictive virus regulations on the books and to reinvoke past regulations. That’s why they make sure those edicts limit public gatherings, except for left-wing riots.

If the real public were allowed to protest effectively, state governments would be exposed for manipulating the virus numbers with the help of enthusiastic public health officials. If economic activity was allowed to return to a normal pace the economy would recover and the president would get the credit. The Democrats would rather keep the country under virtual house arrest and cripple the economy than allow either to happen.

3. Keep Biden hidden, duck the press and debates— Over the last weekend Chris Wallace of Fox News asked Biden for an interview. He was turned down by the Biden campaign. Biden’s handlers know how weak he is on the stump.

They know of the rumors that he is mentally unfit to be president and they don’t want to confirm the rumors by letting him leave the basement too much or debate the president. The Biden campaign will come up with a lame excuse, probably virus-related, to deprive the president the opportunity to tear Biden to shreds in front of the voting public. The press will acquiesce and carry water for the Democrats in all of the above.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on July 27, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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