Lately, there has been a big push to out and capture many high-profile pedophiles and sex traffickers.

It’s been happening so much and so fast that you have to believe that there’s a coordinated effort going on behind the scenes.

These monsters – especially the rich and powerful ones – have been able to get away with this depravity and abuse of children because they operate in the shadows and have so much money and power that they can easily bury their dirty deeds  – so this push to out these people, and drag them from the shadows and into the light is remarkable and something that we need to keep doing.

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And that’s exactly what comedian and “cultural hero” Ricky Gervais is doing in a very bold and graphic way.

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The tweet started out fairly normal talking about Emmy nominations. Gervais said that his show “Afterlife” did not get a nomination.

In case you haven’t watched it, or don’t know about it, “Afterlife” is a story about a guy (Gervais) whose wife dies and her death changes him forever. After contemplating taking his own life, he decides he’d rather live long enough to punish the world by saying and doing whatever he likes. He thinks of it as a superpower.

It’s kind of like a biography of the actual Ricky Gervais in a strange way…he really does do and say whatever he likes.

Which brings me back to his Tweet…

So, Gervais says that “Afterlife” was not nominated for an Emmy, but that the Golden Globes, which he hosted, was nominated.

Still a very normal tweet, right?….and then it happened…Ricky dropped the bomb and publically exposed Hollywood for being sick and twisted child abusers.

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At the end of the tweet, Gervais thanks Hollywood, and then says this: “Oh, and stop f*cking kids. Cheers” and included the “prayer hands” emoji.

Here’s exactly what he said: “#AfterLife didn’t get nominated for an Emmy this year. But this did. “Outstanding Live Variety Special: The 77th Annual Golden Globe Awards” That’s some conciliation, I guess. So, Thanks, Hollywood. Oh, and stop fucking kids. Cheers”

Yes, what he said and how he said it was very raw and very graphic, but you have to understand, these people have been given a pass for way too long. They’ve been politely called out with very “politically correct” terms and that’s just not cutting it anymore.

What these Hollywood perverts are doing is sick and wrong and it’s time to publically shame these monsters with the harshest and rawest words possible.

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It’s time jar everyone and get the world’s attention and drag these scumbags out from the shadows and into the light.

And that’s exactly what Gervais is doing.

He’s not only calling out the perverts, but he’s also calling out all of Hollywood, those folks who sit back and allow this disgusting criminal perversion to continue while condemning and berating you and me for simply voting for President Trump.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on July 29, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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