So, who actually runs elections in America?  In theory it is the states and local election districts, not well understood though, it is private computing companies that actually conduct the electronic portions.  And who are the people who actually stand behind the desks, voting machines, and execute the clerical part of the election process for the American people?  It’s actually you and me.  It’s citizens who volunteer to be sworn election officials. Unfortunately, few American citizens choose to be sworn election officials and its the integrity of that system under scrutiny.

It’s voter registration fraud, not voter fraud. Most folks understand voter fraud to be the illegal changing of votes, which is not significant due to very effective controls in the system developed over time.

That seems to be why the media constantly uses the narrative that voter fraud doesn’t really exist! That is one of the reasons we the people don’t trust anyone, especially the media, in our understanding of the facts surrounding the integrity of our elections. What we also understand about our elections is the voter registration fraud has not been that much of a public focus, but it really needs to be. In the era of legalized ballot harvesting in states like California, and cases of ballot harvesting being prosecuted like what we saw not long ago in North Carolina, scrutinizing voter registration for fraud and appropriate prevention controls is paramount.

Voting fraud is not and should not be a partisan issue and that’s one reason why a citizen organized a non-partisan Voting Integrity Task Force, first as a state entity to look into irregularities he identified in the 2019 Virginia State Legislature elections, and later as a National Voter Integrity Task Force with more than 30 members nationwide due to distinct irregularities uncovering actions taken by the Chinese Communist Party in that 2019 Virginia election and other elections in the US.

Retired US Army Colonel John Mills, the citizen that organized this task force, speaks out. Watch the video.

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