Judge Jeanine floated a theory that many people have suggested in one way shape or form…she doesn’t believe that Dementia Joe will be on the Dem’s ticket come November.

Given how Joe can’t seem to string a sentence together and needs “notes” to even call his VP pick to make his announcement, it’s not the biggest stretch, is it?

I’d hardly call this a “conspiracy theory,” since Biden is likely the worst Dem candidate to ever come down the commie pike.

He makes Hillary Clinton look like a good choice, and that’s not saying a lot.

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Biden is confused and looks and sounds like a bumbling old man in a nursing home.

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Many people have pointed out that his campaign is a classic example of “elder abuse.”

Judge Jeanine predicts that “something will happen” and Biden will be removed from the ticket.

From Washington Examiner 

Fox News host Jeanine Pirro said she has a “strong feeling” Joe Biden’s name won’t appear on ballots in November.

“For some reason, I just have this feeling that Joe Biden isn’t going to be on the ticket,” Pirro said Wednesday on Fox News’s The Five. “I have a sense that something’s going to happen before the election, and he’s not even going to be on the ticket, so don’t even ask me if he’s going to make the four years.”

She made the comment right after Biden, 77, made his first public appearance with Sen. Kamala Harris since picking her as his running mate.

The Trump campaign has openly attacked Biden over his age and mental acuity, particularly when it comes to his memory about recent historical events or current affairs. The former vice president has made a series of blunders misidentifying certain people, events, and locations when speaking.

You can watch the video below:

Personally, I feel like the Dems window of taking Joe out has closed.

I think, as shocking as it is, this is who they’re going to go with, and they believe that they can use Kamala, and the entire power of Hollywood and the media to drag Joe over the finish line.

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Dems needed to eliminate Trump’s booming economy to even have a chance and isn’t it a major coinkydink that this “pandemic” just happened to fall in their laps?

Yes, it’s like a political “Christmas miracle” for Dems…I’m sure China and Dems didn’t work together to make this happen…of course not, that’s ridiculous, right?

It was just crazy blind luck.

Regardless of all the plagues, riots, and mail-in ballots, I predict that President Trump will pull out an amazing victory.


This piece was written by Missy Crane on August 14, 2020. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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