We asked a predominantly Republican conservative audience what they thought of the Wednesday veep debate in Salt Lake City. We knew they would he rooting for Pence, as they do for the president. But many had the political honesty to criticize the president’s performance in the first debate. Would Pence live up to their expectations? Would Harris make inroads? As you will see from their comments, Pence won hands down and Harris was looked upon as mainly annoying.


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We have given anonymity to those who requested it.

Dr. Tim Blessing of Alvernia University, “Well, David, the real problem is, I think, that we hear what we are primed to hear. The media and the pulpit and education have become so besotted with neo-Marxian theories, such as Critical Theory, that it predisposes people to hear answers couched in those theories. And Neo-Marxian theories always suppose crises, oppressed losers, and a steady decline in living standards and human dignity. That is what they hear and that is what they have trained people to hear. And that was the starting point for Senator Harris and the moderator all night long. That the historical record does not begin to support such ideas, radically does not support such ideas, seems immaterial—and data gets bent or made up To fit such theories and suppositions…Pence absolutely crushed Harris—he had data, reason, and, on issues such as anti-Semitism, irrefutable arguments.”

Btw, Blessing guessed at the proper post debate headline before the debate, “Pence’s devastating takedown of a VP candidate who spoke only for the privileged academic and bureaucratic elites ……” Not bad at all.

Beth Jones, PA GOP official, “The debate last night shed light on the lies and manipulation that the Democrat candidates are still giving to the American people. Senator Harris repeatedly gave false information on her ticket’s stance on fracking, health care and the economy. Both her and former Vice President Biden have openly spoke of banning fracking and fossil fuels which will inhibit our country’s ability to become less dependent on foreign oil suppliers; and will also eliminate millions of jobs for US workers.”

Former U.S. Intelligence officer, “She looked like a smug (expletive referring to female sexual organ).” The writer is a female.

Conservative writer Elizabeth Fortunato, “I find it fascinating that when a self identified feminist like Harris debates a man, she emulates negative masculine attributes to deliver her points. This approach has failed female debaters consistently, and it is not with out irony that these women blame sexism for their own performance shortcomings.”

Shelly Mateer, Opslens editor, “My first reaction to the debate between Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris could be described as curiously horrified.  Imagine – sophisticated, elegant Pence having to debate the crude Harris.  It was like Cary Grant sharing a stage with a troll.”

Hilary Forwich, business executive, “As with the Presidential debate the moderator, Susan Page was biased. She continually cut off Mr. Pence but let Sen. Harris run and rebut whilst Mr. Pence wasn’t given such a chance. Shocking that Ms. Page didn’t repeat her questions when both dodged deftly. Sen. Kamala Harris totally failed to answer the question regarding whether she’d had a discussion about Mr. Biden’s age and health.  She failed to respond to Page’s question regarding what Mr. Biden would do differently if elected next month. Mr. Pence likewise failed to answer questions posed to him. He lost he opportunity to refute Sen. Harris’s accusations regarding White House failings and never hounded over Hunter’s corruption with Biden’s knowledge. Overall, Sen. Harris was smirking, looking smug and actually giggled as well as grimaced most of the time.”

North Carolina nurse, “Pence eviscerated Harris even with him missing a few opportunities to go after her record and bailing out rioters. He had a commanding presence and the fly even liked him better. Kamala was weak, flipped on several things her and Biden have on record for supporting, and untrustworthy in appearance. Her facial expressions were reminiscent of adolescent girls looking at the popular girls they wished they were. She is only not presidential worthy, but totally unlikable from me, a female voter.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 8, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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