First hitting the shelves in 1959, the iconic Barbie has solidified herself as a steppingstone in a girl’s childhood. According to statistics, girls aged 3 to 12 own at least one Barbie. With such a massive brand, Barbie has come under fire throughout the years for her stance and sometimes remarks. Well, it appears even Barbie isn’t immune to the “woke” culture as now the children’s toy will tackle issues like “systemic racism” and “white privilege.”

First reported by Fox News, the Mattel hot seller can be seen talking about adult issues with her best friend Nikki. On their YouTube channel, the pair are normally getting into hijinks and discussing fashion tips while spreading a message of love and togetherness. Now, the creators behind the hit show believe their audience is ready for adult subject matter like racism and police brutality in America.

In the video, Barbie says, “There is a huge movement going on. Millions of people across the world are standing up to fight against racism, and they’re doing this because too often and for such a long time, people have been treated unfairly, and in some cases even hurt by others, because of the color of their skin.”

Referring to the Black Lives Matter movement that has swept the country, Barbie’s BFF Nikki speaks up to talk about the racism she has faced.

“Barbie and I had a sticker-selling contest on the beach last month. We split up and went our separate directions to see who could sell the most. While I was on the boardwalk, beach security stopped me three times. The security officer thought I was doing something bad, even though I was doing exactly the same thing that you were doing.”

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Nikki goes on in the video to discuss times where the color of her skin has dictated how teachers and classmates treat her. While there isn’t any statistical evidence to back up the claims of racism in elementary school, many online influencers jumped on the BLM Barbie message, promoting it on their own page.


While surprising, this isn’t the first time Barbie has taken a bold stance when it comes to politics. Mattel unveiled a new line called The Barbie Campaign Team which features an all-female team with an African American presidential candidate.

When first announced, the President’s son, Donald Trump Jr., tweeted, “Voter” Barbie must be a Democrat because she’s already wearing an “I Voted” sticker, and yet she’s got another ballot in her hand.

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on October 14, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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