One of the things that is most interesting and exciting about politics is that it can change overnight. A death, a leak, a stupid or corrupt move can turn a situation around 180 degrees. A week later, it can shift back to its original position. At least Joe Biden wishes it would.

Even the polls, the polls that fairly or unfairly showed Trump down double digits, are tightening. Pollsters, who don’t want to look like fools again after 2016, are rechecking their data. Certain firms may even be factoring out the bias they regularly use to give clients the answers clients pay for. Some pollsters this time, just want to be right.

The data is beginning to show that since last Friday, and the first inkling of the Biden Burisma meeting, the winds have shifted. First it was a barely perceptible breeze. Then, as Democrats and the media went into overdrive to spike the story, the question became: If it’s as meaningless as they say it is, then why are they trying so hard to silence it?

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The answer was obvious. It was big. Like game changing big. Trump had bidden his time, laying in wait like a predator, waiting for his opponent to come to him. Tonight, Thursday, that will happen. Joe Biden will have to face him. It won’t be pretty. Biden is ready for it. But the cacophony of ever increasing charges, now that it’s a law enforcement matter, will be laid in front of him by the president. I wonder how many times the president will refer to Biden as “Big Guy”? My guess, a lot.

Though as this Biden comeuppance plays out, a strange, and maybe expected, scenario is playing out in states that have allowed early voting my mail or in person. It’s voter remorse.

Some Democrats, ordinary voters, are, because of the proof of his Burisma meeting, newly repulsed by Biden and would now vote for Trump. But their ballots are already in. Is this what the Democrats planned all along, knowing this scandal would soon blow up in their faces? Did they encourage early voting by any means to run out the clock?

This should give us pause about early voting in the future. It gives less time for consideration, less time to make an informed decision. Which is, of course, what the Democrats want. This year is special because of the virus? To a point. But if most people can stand in line at the grocery with their mask on then they can stand in line to vote.

That may be a moot argument about this election. What is not irrelevant is that Trump is exactly where he wants to be right now, with less than two weeks to go and Joe Biden clearly in his political sights. Pull the trigger, Mr. President.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 22, 2020. It originally appeared in LifeZette and is used by permission.

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