This year’s presidential election is quite similar to the 2016 one if you look at the media and their predictions. 

There is, on one side, actual reality, where thousands of people show up to see Trump at his rallies while at the same time Joe Biden has about eight people show up to sit inside of white rings. 

Even Joe’s buddy Obama doesn’t draw a crowd.

But the leftist media tells us that Biden is going to win.

People are excited about Trump. Democrats could care less about Biden or Kamala. They just hate Trump.

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But the leftist media tells us that Biden is going to win.

I remember knowing when Trump was going to win the first time. It was when Crooked Hillary’s VP guy Tim Kaine showed up somewhere and there was no audience. NONE. ZIPPO.

The media and their incredibly hysterical and disingenuous polling tells us that Biden has the presidency in the bag. They told us that in 2016 about Crooked Hillary too and she sits in her castle still whining about not being president. 

The newest Wisconsin poll which has Biden up by something like 17 points tells us all we need to know about the polling jokesters – that between the pollsters skewing the numbers towards democrats and the fact that Trump voters are totally lying to them about who they will vote for, the polls aren’t anywhere near accurate. 

Yes, someone will get the polling right but it will only be luck.

So to predict what’s going to happen with this election, we have to go by what we are seeing and hearing and what’s going around us. We rely on our gut and the reality we live in.

We have to look at what Trump has actually done to make the country better and what Biden promises to do to make the country worse.

How can there NOT be a Trump landslide (in a fair election) when…

I can find NO voter who voted for Trump in 2016 who will not vote for him this time.

I have talked to many independents and libertarians who are voting for Trump this time around so that their vote counts and they can protect what they have.

How can you be a Biden voter and vote against yourself? You are saying that you don’t care about the loss of your job, your income, your savings or your business because that is what Biden is promising.

With Trump, between tax cuts, cuts in regulations and other policies, the Trump economy was on fire before the pandemic hit us. 

Trump is the only one who can lead us back into an economic recovery – plus more. The democrats don’t have any plans that will help America prosper. In fact, all of their ideas will set us back. They will kill jobs with their taxes, their minimum wage, their regulations and other BS ideas.

How can there NOT be a Trump landslide (in a fair election) when…

Trump is taking on the deep state and fake news.

Trump has negotiated Middle East peace. That alone should get him re-elected.

Trump defeated ISIS.

Trump has made us energy independent; created the Space Force; helped create countless jobs; had the lowest unemployment numbers on record; got us out of bad trade deals; got rid of the Obamacare individual mandate; signed Right-To-Try legislation; is dedicating money and services to fight sex trafficking and the opioid crisis; has expanded medical care and access to it for veterans; has built up the military; has kept us out of new wars and brought troops home; took us out of Paris Climate Accord; got three Supreme Court justices appointed and numerous other judges; imposed travel bans on terrorist countries; built 200 miles of border wall; started Operation Warp speed to fight the COVID-19 pandemic; championed tax reform with the Republican tax bill; strengthened our relationship with Israel; and more… 

The list is long.

If you look at the promises that Trump made, he has kept about 95% of them. That is shocking. We are almost always lied to by politicians about what they are going to do. But not by Trump.

Trump has kept his promises – and has even gone beyond that by doing things he never even mentioned that he was thinking about doing when he was a candidate.

The democrats, on the other hand, plan to take away all of our freedoms and completely destroy our country.

How can there NOT be a Trump landslide (in a fair election) when…

The democrats currently support…defunding the police; rioting in the streets; killing babies born alive; getting rid of fossil fuel and destroying the entire energy sector and the jobs that come along with that; excessive taxation on successful individuals and businesses; taking away gun rights; taking away religious rights; censorship; punishing political enemies; corruption in their ranks (Obama, Clinton, Biden); destroying the Supreme Court; destroying the Senate; getting rid of the borders; citizenship for illegal aliens which will include welfare, Social Security and free healthcare; buddying up to Iran again; getting rid of the electoral college; and more…

This list is long too. It’s called the “How to Destroy America” list. 

What voters have democrats gained over the past four years while they’ve completely gone over the progressive edge into communism? 

The only two groups I can see that they might have added into their voter base are the young pro-Bernie, pro-BLM, pro-Antifa 20-year olds and the voters who were independents and were infected with TDS. I think the party has lost moderate democrats who don’t recognize their party anymore and won’t vote for either candidate.

Trump, on the other hand, is sure to increase votes from: hispanics, blacks, law enforcement, jewish people, christians; veterans; contractors; restaurant owners; other business owners; and people tired of lockdowns, tyranny and corruption.

As of the writing of this article, 80 million ballots have been cast which is more than half of the total votes cast in the 2016 election.

Are the massive amounts of early voting the result of a historical election turn-out of people who support Trump or people who hate him?

Is Biden going to win an election by hiding from everyone and because the people will chose fiction over facts???

Will ignorant democrats actually choose to elect a corrupt man with dementia because of their Trump hatred and are they seriously willing to accept Kamala Harris as president even though they rejected her in the primary?

Will four years of lies and corruption by the democrats and their media accomplices outweigh the fact that Trump actually made America great again? 

I don’t believe so.

I believe that there are enough sane and patriotic Americans with common sense who understand that a vote for Donald Trump is a vote to save America.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on October 30, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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