Military veterans have served this country and in many instances bled for it. Their reward in Portland? To be shot at.

Fox News gives details, “A cafe owned by a military veteran was shot at during a chaotic demonstration in Portland over the weekend after being deemed by rioters as unfriendly to the Black Lives Matter movement. Heroes American Cafe was targeted for being an ‘unfriendly business’ by Antifa-linked Twitter accounts, owner John Jackson told Fox News. Two windows in the cafe’s downtown location were shot at and another was struck with a blunt object — possibly a baseball bat — said Jackson, a black man who served in the Army and Marine Corps. ‘I think it’s more psychological,’ he said. ‘When I first came here [Portland] about 10 years ago, it was one of the most accepting cities that I knew of.’ ” Even leftist Mayor Ted Wheeler has seen the light.


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A tweet posted Thursday by Antifa said the eatery gives its profits “to their heroes… cops.” The text on another tweet said, “We’re trying to compile a list of all non-friendly businesses in PDX. AKA any company that’s hanging blue lives garbage in their store or anything else that’s anti the BLM movement. Drop them below.”

Antifa and Black Lives Matter are now open extortion rackets, no better than the mob or a drug gang. They’re even using the usual red fascist technique of trying to get citizens to report on each other. These are groups directly aligned with and sponsored by the Democrat Party. Terrorist groups funded and coordinated, if not directed, by Democrats. This is what America has come to.

“We’re for all heroes and we don’t support zeroes,” Jackson said. “So if you’re a bad cop, we don’t really have time for you. If you’re walking your beat and you’re taking care of your people or you’re saving lives, we love you.” That is an honorable and traditional American view of law enforcement. And in a microcosm this is what is at stake in the November election, Jackson’s America or an America run by Antifa and the Democrats.

Jackson voted for President Trump in 2016 with some trepidation but is now sure of his support for the president after his cafe was shot at. “This solidified my Trump vote. I’m done with this weakness and we need some real strong leadership.”

How many people like this are out there? How many businesses have been hurt, lives damaged, and homes vandalized by Antifa and Black Lives Matter terrorism? How many hours and money have law enforcement and cities spent curbing riots and violence by these groups? And what do we hear from Joe Biden and Kamala Harris about this dagger pointed at the heart of America? Nothing. Not a thing. How could they? They’d be attacking their own base.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on October 13, 2020. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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