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Houston, We Have a Problem

People have asked me many times the last four years how I could support the Trump Administration, especially considering he personally attacked me in my first political campaign. I always try to answer the same way: The movement that brought Mr. Trump to victory in 2016 has never been about him at all. I ran for the U.S. Senate on most of the same policies he did but two years earlier, and our campaign overperformed as an unknown against two establishment politicians with much less funding. Take a look at this tweet, get past the profanity and think about what the author is telling you. This message is why Trump’s policy positions won him the presidency:

The Americans that voted for him want their government to focus on their country and lives as a priority. They demand equal treatment under the law and even though I strongly disagree with the chaos at the US Capitol on January 6th, they are now acting on their frustrations as they see a new government on the horizon that will return to the days of old, spending their “blood and treasure” on priorities that mostly don’t matter to them, and being ignored by even the powerful establishment politicians they voted for.

Take notice of the rhetoric being spewed by the powerful over January 6, which quite frankly, the so-called rioting teh protesters are being accused of was really quite tame compared to what we saw last summer in the attacks on federal monuments and the White House and what we continue to see from leftists rioters. But the powerful, were forced to hide behind their chairs and locked doors on January 6th when protesters entered what they are calling a sanctuary or cathedral etc. Well sorry, that building is a great monument yes, and I revere it as an American, but I don’t worship it as a religious artifact and will not. Look at this language:

Finally, as a 9/11 Pentagon survivor and former commander who’s had the privilege to lead Americans in war, if you are comparing what happened at the Capitol to horrendous attacks like 9/11 or warfare, I say you need your head examined, and that goes especially for politicians like this guy:

I get it and completely abhor any violence that occurred by any person or group on January 6th. The people that went into the Capitol and imparted violence should be arrested and tried but here’s the deal, many politicians and media are trying to smear all who were there as terrorists and insurrectionists, including anyone in the rally crowd outside, that is just wrong after what we’ve witnessed by leftist protesters and ignores the real issues the tweet above highlights: Half of Americans feel they’ve have been demonized, ignored, and treated poorly by the establishment institutions most of us used to trust and so far, the responses of those in power are an unwarranted doubling down on the same things.

The country won’t stand for long if this continues.