President Donald Trump has never said “The election was not stolen” and that is why American military national guard forces continue to their deployment in Washington DC. More American forces than are deployed in combat zones around the world are projected to cost us a billion dollars but that doesn’t matter. They’re not here on a mission because of a threat to the capitol, not because of specific threats to any politician, simply because their political nemesis will not say those words.

WATCH: Congressman admits guilt, yes we are using military force for political purposes


Why should he? I believe the election was stolen. I’ve seen the evidence the courts have refused to look at by tossing cases on standing or other technicalities. The most damning evidence that I, and Mr. Trump, are probably right is the absolute refusal of the other side to conduct a proper investigation into the allegations. They are so determined to stop any reliable investigation they’ve gone this far.

Why is it a big deal to use military force to ensure your political success? First, it is un-American and two that is not how we are supposed to settle political differences in this country. They’re doing the thing with government forces they’re accusing Trump of doing with insurrectionists simply because he won’t acknowledge their questionable victory. But we don’t have to speculate and come up with fancy misinformation videos, they’re doing this right before your eyes.

I’m old enough to remember last summer when Mr. trump was excoriated for using military forces and even contemplating using the Insurrection Act to protect the White House and other Federal facilities and monuments. If that wasn’t considered an insurrection, remember those of us calling it that were shouted down as wrong, then the January 6 incident certainly wasn’t.

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So here we are, the Nation’s capitol is under military occupation for political purposes. I’ve only seen that in certain places and none of them are democracies. President Biden and Defense Secretary Austin need to end this sham now and if they won’t, the remaining Governors need to withdraw their forces as Florida and Texas have.