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I have never been more disgusted with a political administration such as the Joe Biden administration. This is completely irresponsible and truly does not uphold our current immigration laws and our national security laws. I am all for immigration reform because our current laws need refinement, but I am completely against the full disregard of our books’ laws as they are written today. Do you think the Democrats won by making Trump a one-term President?

This middle-aged father had an epiphany after November’s election. I won’t fight and argue anymore with those who elected our current leaders. With a memory of the USA’s history, many of us tried to elect candidates who would act in the future’s best interests. Today’s youth outvoted us with no concept of history due to a lack of education. In my opinion, they have unwisely voted in favor of many instant fixes to their perceived evils and the inherently unfair world we live in.


We have laws Joe Biden has sworn to uphold in the office he ran for. Now he is asking Immigrations and Customs Enforcement to ignore the laws that protect us as citizens. This should go to court for a ruling because this man and his handlers can’t cherry-pick which laws they wish to obey! What needs to happen is that California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas should file a lawsuit against the fed government.

Biden isn’t doing this out of concern for the illegals. There’s another game plan in the works, and it won’t be good. Have you ever walked by a war memorial and stopped for a moment to reflect on why they sacrificed so much—what a waste.

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Sorry, but the policy does not supersede the law. If illegal immigrants break the law, that is a legal issue that cannot be ignored. They need to be processed through the legal system. Biden cannot just decide not to pursue adjudication; that is the law and the oath he took.

The Democrats, as a whole, feel it is cheaper to allow illegal or undocumented travelers into the country, provide them with free healthcare, allow them to work, possibly in place of an American worker, meaning it is unlikely that they will pay withholding taxes, and that is somehow cheaper than turning them around and sending them back? Biden certainly was never accused of being a genius.


It should be patently clear to even the most uninformed that Biden is placing American’s last on his agenda, if at all. He is well on his way into turning us into Europe with open borders where any criminal or terrorist can enter freely to do whatever damage they wish. Let’s hope the SCOTUS conferences on Feb 19 start to stem this tide of Biden dictating and bypassing Federal laws.

Anyone not supporting deporting illegal immigrants should try and work and live in any other country without the proper papers. They will fine you, arrest you, and deport you fast. Even in Mexico, if you are caught without a passport or work visa, you receive an automatic six months to one year in jail and fines. You stay in jail until you or your family pay off the fines and court costs.

I thought immigration laws are federal laws; laws can only be changed through legislation. He is doing sounds illegal, ordering federal officers and the judicial branch not to enforce federal law. Perhaps our biggest problem is that decisions about our country, which mostly affect our largely middle-class population, are made by millionaires whose lives are not affected by those decisions. It’s the Democrat motto, Do as I say, not as I do. We need a President of the people, not one who pretends to be.


It’s a tough time for America. For those who love this country and want it to remain for our posterity to enjoy….where do we draw the line? When does a government intent on steering America into a socialist state become tyrannical, and what is the line that cannot be crossed? We have to ask ourselves that now, unfortunately, or bear witness to the collapse of the world’s greatest nation.

To those who are happy with this country’s direction, I am glad that, in another 50 years from now or less, I will no longer be here to witness the screaming and fighting that will happen when the bills for today’s free things have to be paid for. My life is what I have made of it, and I am content with my life—you who have your future ahead of you; Good Luck.



This piece was written by Wayne Dupree on February 9, 2021. It originally appeared in WayneDupree.com and is used by permission.

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