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No one who monitors activity inside Iran’s borders is really surprised the IRGC is killing protesters but this time, the people are actually visibly fighting back. The situation is also unique in that the designated international terrorist organization was caught systematically murdering impoverished blue collar fuel carrier workers.

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While all this happens, the Biden Administration is busy putting its latest betrayal of the American people together so the Iran nuclear deal can be re-activated, even as the Ayatollah and his evil Mullahs sends their forces to once again attack Allied forces in the region. At least one American contractor has been killed and several active duty personnel injured in these latest attacks.

This renewed appeasement only leads to more death and destruction, not more peace in the region. The Iranians and their proxies will only increase the attacks as they see the Allies led by a feckless America kneeling to their demands around the Middle East.

We still have time to turn back and stay in the Israeli-Arab peace process that is working, cancel the nuclear deal altogether, and support our allies in the region. But that will require a little humility on the part of the new Biden Administration who will have to stop their silly approach and embrace the last administration’s strategy.

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