There is no group of people more racist than white liberals.

These people are insufferable, narcissistic, self-involved aholes – and I found a video that proves it.

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White liberals have a “savior complex.”

They believe that they’re so much better, smarter, and more powerful than anyone else that they need to “rescue” all the “lowly, dumb, weak minorities” who can’t take care of themselves.


These narcissistic jerks actually believe that they “privilege” because they’re better than anyone else – and they have to “give back” and “take care” of minorities to “payback” for all that superior knowledge and intellect.

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This superiority complex is probably the most racist attitude on the planet.

Imagine thinking that just because of your skin color, you have an “obligation” or “duty” to speak for someone else and decide what’s right for them? I mean, that’s the very definition of racism and control.

But liberals give themselves a free pass to do this because they’re “helping” black folks – or so they think. The truth is, it’s insulting and belittling.

This video is a perfect example of this attitude.


Watch how liberals explain the reason why voter ID is racist.

These pompous self-centered elites actually believe in their heart of hearts that black people are so dumb, that they don’t know where to find a DMV to get an ID.


You can watch the video below:

And the worst part about all of this is that these racist jerks actually think they’re helping.

They have no clue how Godawful this looks, sounds, or feels.

These braindead idiots have been conditioned to believe that black people are literally beneath them and don’t have the same brain capacity as they do, so they must step in and help, or black people will fail.

“Oh, you have a BLM protest? Here, let us white liberals join, we’ll VALIDATE your movement and make it better…scoot over…” 

This is the MOST RACIST and vile attitude and yet, this is the overall messaging that comes out of Dem Party leadership – and it’s just another way to keep black people in their “place.”

It’s much easier to sell “control” to someone when it’s packed as if it’s “help.”


This piece was written by Missy Crane on April 7, 2021. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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