Two former U.S. Army rangers who each served in Afghanistan are speaking out this week to torch President Joe Biden for having “no plan” for withdrawing from the country and then blaming others for the “dumpster fire” that came about from his actions.

“They should have had a plan, because they clearly didn’t,” veteran Tom Amenta told Fox News. To back this up, he cited Biden’s message to Americans in Afghanistan outside Kabul earlier this week in which he told them to get to the city while also letting them know that nobody would be coming to help.

“This administration did not [have a] plan and does not have one,” he explained.

“From a political standpoint, the policy that he’s enacting right now in Afghanistan not only makes no sense because the Taliban is the organization that supplied, resourced, and harbored Osama bin-Laden 20 years ago and now they’re back in power,” Amenta added, going on to say that what’s happening in Afghanistan at the moment “is an unmitigated humanitarian disaster.”

Veteran Dan Blakeley agreed with him, saying that when Biden promised that the Taliban would not quickly take over Afghanistan, he “should have also put some pretty hard line plans in place of how to respond” if that did happen.

“You plan for the best case, the worst case, and the most likely case,” he said. “He obviously missed – completely missed – the worst case. And yes, we’re seeing the worst case unfold right now.”

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The worst part about all this in Amenta’s mind is that the narrative that Biden is putting out there shows that he did not have the will to fight for Afghanistan. He brought up the fact that over 45,000 Afghans have been killed in the last seven years.

“At the very least, they’ve been committed to this with the blood of the people,” he said. “I’m appalled, I’m truly appalled that the administration would choose to say that they don’t have a will when they have allowed many of their people to die in the service of this ideal of building a new nation, when we know that the government wasn’t paying these men properly, they weren’t even feeding them properly.”

While they were critical of Biden’s actions, both Amenta and Blakeley agreed that pulling out was ultimately the right decision.

“We have always needed to find a plan to either leave Afghanistan and say enough is enough,” Amenta said, adding that we should at least”have the tiny footprint presence” like the U.S. has in Iraq, Syria, or the horn of Africa “with the very specific, narrow purview” of being able to “handle any emerging terror threat.”

Blakely agreed, saying that no veteran he has spoken to wanted “a forever war.” He also feels that if Donald Trump were still in office, he would have responded more aggressively when things went off the rails in Afghanistan.

“He would have squashed it,” Blakeley stated emphatically.

Blakely went on to add that he is comforted by the outpouring of support coming from the veterans community over the past few days.

“A lot of organizations and businesses that are run by veterans or in support of veterans have been coming out left and right in the last couple of days saying that this was not all for nothing and you did your job right, and you did it with justice, and you did it with fervor, and you were there to provide safety and opportunity to the Afghan people and you did that for two decades,” he said.

In the end, Blakely and Amenta both feel that the way the war ended does not take away from what they accomplished in Afghanistan over the years.

“Just because the current administration had no plan for the way it was going to end and chose to … arrogantly think that they could somehow solve something that hadn’t been solved in 20 years in a couple of months,” Amenta concluded. “That is not on the veterans, that is not on our service, that is in no way shape or form a repudiation or a knock on all the things that we did and how hard we worked to keep not just the United States, but the world safe from terrorists.”