Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany called out Joe Biden and his administration this week for throwing out “lie after lie” about the border crisis that many believe was caused by the current president.

McEnany specifically brought up comments made by DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas and White House press secretary Jen Psaki that she says make “no sense.” Mayorkas had said hours before that he believes “our borders are closed,” and days before that, Psaki outrageously claimed that migrants crossing the southern border do not intend to stay in the U.S.

“It’s simply amazing,” McEnany told Fox News. “As [Biden’s] saying this, what is happening on the Hill is Senator Hawley is grilling Mayorkas, who is testifying about his plan. Hawley said in private, ‘You told me you had a plan. When will this plan stop working?’ To which Mayorkas replied, ‘It is working.’ To have the audacity to say something like that – it’s an outright lie. We’ve heard lie after lie. Just yesterday, Mayorkas said the border is not open. Oh, wait. But migrant crossings are at a 21-year high. There’s no crisis, he says.”

“But there were, over the weekend, 14,000  – that was the high number – folks under the bridge sitting in human excrement,” she added. “That’s half the population of Del Rio. I think that’s defined as a crisis. And then the most appalling lie from Jen Psaki saying they don’t intend to stay. Right. They traveled 1,900 miles to sit in human excrement and build tents, makeshift structures out of trash bags. That’s what they did. That makes no sense. And we all see these lies.”

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The leftwing media has effectively given Biden a pass for much of his presidency, treating him far better than they did his predecessor, Donald Trump. However, even the leftist media is starting to turn on Biden, as several White House reporters filed a complaint against Biden this week for ignoring questions from the media.

On Wednesday, McEnany lashed out at these reporters as well for not holding Biden accountable for what he is doing sooner.

“Now you have reporters in the press pool who are finally upset by this, you have Ed O’Keefe from CBS, Steve Portnoy, Jennifer Jacobs from Bloomberg, they were all so upset at this moment,” she said. “But my question is, where were you when Biden was hiding in the basement and demanding he answer questions during the campaign?”

“I’d be on Air Force One with the president for five rallies and President Biden, then-nominee, would call a lid at like noon,” McEnany continued. “So where were you? Now you can complain, but, hey, you kind of made the way for this.”

McEnany is certainly never afraid to tell it like it is! Here’s hoping that the media stops giving Biden a pass, and starts calling him and his administration out on their frequent and shameful lies.

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