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Kayleigh McEnany Slams Biden And His Admin For Lack Of Leadership – ‘Naive Neophytes’ Running The Country

Former White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany spoke out on Tuesday to slam President Joe Biden and his administration for their lack of leadership over the past few weeks. She specifically criticized Biden’s messaging for 9/11, adding that for someone who has been in politics for nearly half a century, the current president doesn’t seem to know what he is doing.

“An adept press shop would say, let’s move on to this issue,” McEnany said while appearing on Fox News [1]. “Let’s change the talking points. Let’s not pull us back by making those really wrongheaded comments at Shanksville as President Biden did. This has just been so wrong.”

“Miranda talked about the history of bad decision-making on Biden,” she added. “We’ve seen this. He sold us on a bill of goods: ‘I’ve been here for 47 years. I know how it’s done.’ Well, in reality, we have a group of naive neophytes running the country. That’s at least what it feels like.”

Not stopping there, McEnany proceeded to double down.

“Yes, they’ve been in government for decades, but their decision-making just confounds you. Look at just the example of the Bergdahl deal, for instance. 2014/2015, Psaki praised that deal,” she continued. “Blinken, the secretary of state, said we’ve mitigated the threat from these terrorists that we’re handing overseas. We haven’t mitigated it. They’re running the country of Afghanistan now.”

“Leading just one last point, the former CIA director for Obama to say you have inspired jihadists around the world,” McEnany concluded. “This is Obama’s CIA director who’s saying this on the Sunday shows, it’s amazing.”

Earlier this month, McEnany attacked Biden for using a “cheat sheet” when he went to survey storm damage in Louisiana, saying that his predecessor Donald Trump never had to use such a thing.

“President Trump certainly never carried a ‘cheat sheet’ with him,” McEnany said [2]. “As any good staff would, we often provided him with a pocket card before he left the plane, but he usually just left it on Air Force 1 and definitely never relied on it to remember the names of those he was meeting on the tarmac.”

Fox News contributor Deneen Borelli agreed with her assessment.

“Given his track record of hiding in his basement during the presidential election, it’s not surprising that President Biden depends on cheat sheets,” Borelli said. “Biden is lost and fumbles badly without notes and the teleprompter. It’s fundamentally dangerous the U.S. has such a weak and incompetent president. The world is watching including our adversaries.”

“Then-candidate Biden wasn’t challenged by the media and when interviewed was given softball questions,” she added. “Now America knows why his handlers want him to have limited media access because he’s incapable of sensible communication.”

In the nine short months that Biden has been in office, he has shown that he is a truly incompetent leader in a variety of ways. We as a nation need Trump back in office more than ever, so we can only hope and pray he both runs again and wins in 2024.