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Liberal Media Loses It Over Texas Pro-Life Law

If there is one non-negotiable view on the left it is a pro-abortion stance. There are pro-choice Republicans. But pro-life Democrats virtually do not exist. And where the left goes the media has led the way.

FNC: “With the Texas Heartbeat Act causing such a stir in the press the past two weeks, liberal media’s partisan passion on abortion was more apparent than ever.

The Texas law, which bans abortions after six weeks and allows individuals to sue abortion clinics and those helping women obtain abortions, went forward after the Supreme Court ruled in a 5-4 decision that the law could remain in effect.”

Case in point: “Why this is such a big deal, not just for women in Texas, is because it sends a chill down the spine to every woman in this country who is worried about their state, fearing they may use this as a blueprint for what could be a way to get around Roe v. Wade in ways that didn’t work in years past,” CNN “Early Start” co-anchor Laura Jarrett, daughter of former Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, said. That is the leftist consensus.

The right notices their lockstep histrionics on the subject. “In my experience across multiple TV networks and on radio, nowhere is the liberal bias of the press more pronounced than in coverage of abortion,” says conservative radio host Erick Erickson.

“The dramatic, angry, and partisan coverage of Texas’ new heartbeat law is very telling and unfortunately, not at all surprising,” Concerned Women for America CEO and President Penny Nance told Fox News Digital. “This law was properly debated and passed with bi-partisan support by democratically elected lawmakers in the state of Texas. Texans want this law.”

“Leftists and media outlets are angered by the Supreme Court’s refusal to play interference and act as judicial activists,” Nance continued. “We are very thankful to have a Supreme Court that understands its role and refuses to be manipulated by charged emotional public pressure.”

“There’s honestly no issue where the media is more out of touch than the issue of abortion, and the media is out of touch with the American public on just about everything these days,” Mollie Hemingway told press. “The truth is a very large majority of the country favor many restrictions on abortion if not outright banning regime of state-supported eugenics and infanticide created by Roe. Consequently, the media fail to ask even basic questions that would easily expose the many fraudulent justifications used by abortion advocates.”

“Not only was this a reversal of Biden’s previous statements on the matter, it should prompt a very obvious question our pro-abortion media — if the president doesn’t believe life begins at conception, when exactly does he think life begins?” Hemingway said. “Is our president really denying the most basic facts about biological reality? Answering these questions would be humiliating and damning for abortion advocates, so you can be sure the corporate media isn’t going ask them.”

This piece was written by David Kamioner on September 15, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette [5] and is used by permission.

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