The New York Times labeled Jill Biden as a “doctor” over the weekend, yet it did not give the same distinction to Senator Rand Paul (R-KY), who is a medically licensed ophthalmologist.

While Paul has a medical degree, Biden does not have one and instead only has a doctor of education (EdD) degree. Despite this, the super-liberal New York Times published that “Dr. Biden” is “an English and writing professor who made history” in a Sunday piece:

Dr. Biden, an English and writing professor who made history as the only first lady to keep her career while in the White House, has traveled to 32 states, many of them conservative, to promote school reopenings, infrastructure funding, community colleges and support for military families. She has also traveled to states where low numbers of eligible people have received the coronavirus vaccine (emphasis added).

Meanwhile, The Times did not give Paul the title of doctor in an article published last month entitled “YouTube suspends Rand Paul for a week over a video disputing the effectiveness of masks:”

In the video, Mr. Paul says: “Most of the masks you get over the counter don’t work. They don’t prevent infection.” Later in the video, he adds, “Trying to shape human behavior isn’t the same as following the actual science, which tells us that cloth masks don’t work” (emphasis added).

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Biden’s “Dr.” title has been seen as controversial many times over the past year. Just after the presidential election, The Wall Street Journal even questioned whether or not it was correct to call her a “Dr.”

“[Jill Biden’s] degree is, I believe, an Ed.D., a doctor of education, earned at the University of Delaware through a dissertation with the unpromising title ‘Student Retention at the Community College Level: Meeting Students’ Needs,'” that publication reported. “A wise man once said that no one should call himself ‘Dr.’ unless he has delivered a child. Think about it, Dr. Jill, and forthwith drop the doc.”

Biden quickly fired back at The Journal by saying that she is “most proud” of her doctorate because she “worked so hard for it.”

“That was such a surprise,” Biden said of the article. “It was really the tone of it that I think that — you know, he called me kiddo.”

“And one of the things I’m most proud of is my doctorate,” she added. “I mean, I worked so hard for it.”

President Joe Biden also defended his wife being called a doctor, saying, “She had two master’s degrees and she kept going to school all the time while teaching at night.”

Former First Lady Michelle Obama even got in on the action to defend Biden, saying that this is a sexism issue.

“Right now, we’re all seeing what also happens to so many professional women, whether their titles are Dr., Ms., Mrs., or even First Lady: All too often, our accomplishments are met with skepticism, even derision,” Obama said. “We’re doubted by those who choose the weakness of ridicule over the strength of respect. And yet somehow, their words can stick—after decades of work, we’re forced to prove ourselves all over again.”

Of course, it’s absolutely ridiculous that in the eyes of The New York Times, Biden is a “doctor,” yet a Republican with a medical license like Paul is not. This just goes to show that the liberal media has become an absolute joke, which is why it’s no wonder that the number of Americans who actually trust them is plummeting.

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