Former President Barack Obama and current First Lady Jill Biden are reportedly rushing down to Virginia in the coming days to campaign for Terry McAuliffe (D) in his gubernatorial race. This is yet another indication of how important Democrats view this gubernatorial election in Virginia.

NBC News reported that McAuliffe revealed on Tuesday night that Obama will be visiting Richmond to campaign for him on Saturday, October 23.

“There’s going to be a lot of excitement,” McAuliffe said. “The stakes are so huge. People don’t understand. They come out in presidential years, but they have to come out in this off-year.”

Meanwhile, the First Lady is scheduled to campaign for McAuliffe in Henrico County on Friday. Failed Georgia candidate Stacey Abrams is set to then campaign with McAuliffe at an event in Norfolk this coming Sunday.

McAuliffe served as governor from 2014 to 2018, and he could not run for reelection afterwards because Virginia does not allow consecutive terms. While President Joe Biden campaigned for the former governor in July, McAuliffe has since admitted that the president’s approval rating is plummeting.

“We got to get Democrats out to vote” McAuliffe said last week, according to The Hill. “We are facing a lot of headwinds from Washington as you know. The president is unpopular today unfortunately here in Virginia. So we have got to plow through.”

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Despite this, McAuliffe has said that President Biden will come back to campaign with him again before the election.

“He’ll be coming back. You bet he will,” McAuliffe said yesterday of Biden.

White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, however, refused to provide reporters with any details about this.

“I don’t have any updates on travel. I would expect we would have more to convey soon about his plans to support the election of former governor McAuliffe,” she said.

Former President Donald Trump has endorsed McAuliffe’s Republican opponent Glenn Youngkin.

“If I were not to win this, this would be as I say the comeback of Donald Trump,” McAuliffe said on Tuesday. “This would lift him off the mat. He would use this the launchpad to campaign in 2022, and then set him up for [running for president again in] 2024.”

Youngkin spokesperson Macaulay Porter spoke out this week to say that McAuliffe relying on prominent Democratic surrogates shows that he is “scared” of where the race currently stands.

“Glenn Youngkin is an outsider focused on delivering for the people of Virginia and making the state the best place to live, work, and raise a family,” Porter said.

It will certainly be interesting to see who comes out on top in this election.

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