The Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) is calling on Joe Biden’s administration to take action this week in the wake of the conditions that were created from his botched withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan. Specifically, the CPDC wants action from Biden regarding the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly aggressive response to these conditions when it comes to Taiwan.

On Wednesday, the CPDC sent Biden an updated plan as to how he can discourage the People’s Republic of China from continuing to be so aggressive against the freedom-loving people of Taiwan.

The first thing that the committees is recommending that the United States do is “retire the policy of ‘strategic ambiguity’ that invites miscalculation by China. Washington should clearly declare unambiguously that, in accordance with the Taiwan Relations Act (TRA), Taiwan will be defended, if necessary, with overwhelming U.S. and allied nation military action, against any aggression or coercion from China.”

The other recommendations from the CPDC are as follows:

Establish a Combined Forces Command Taiwan with Japan and Taiwan to oversee and manage operations of the three nations’ forces in the Taiwan Operating Area.

Upgrade the readiness and war reserves of U.S. military units throughout the Pacific.

Move immediately to exercise the integration of communications, radars, sensors and key command and control systems between the U.S., Taiwan and Japan.

Enhance Taiwan’s self-defense capabilities by augmenting its stocks of ordnance and ammunition.

Do you approve of the government or private businesses implementing vaccine passports

“The immediate goal is to dissuade China’s leaders from any attack on Taiwan or threats to attack Taiwan,” the CPDC concluded. “The Biden administration, to avoid war, must demonstrate to China that the US will protect Taiwan.”

Our very own Rob Maness, who is on the CPDC, explained why the stakes have never been higher in this situation than they are right now.

“The Biden Administration must back it’s words up with action,” Maness said. “Had they not created the disaster in Afghanistan this might not be required, but here we are. Deploy these forces and upgrade war reserve supplies now or we will reap the whirlwind of war.”

Committee Chairman Brian T. Kennedy sent a letter to Biden, his senior national security subordinates and key legislators in which he laid out all of the latest CPDC recommendations.

“We call upon you to take such practical, visible and necessary steps at once, both to signal to America’s allies and to her enemies in China and elsewhere that America can be counted upon to impose unacceptable costs for acts of aggression against the freedom-loving people of Taiwan,” Kennedy wrote.

Biden has yet to respond to the CPDC’s recommendations. We will update you further as this story develops.

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