The two-time failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton reemerged on Tuesday to whine that even though her fellow Democrat Joe Biden is president, “we are boiling” and in the midst of a “Constitutional crisis.”

“It’s like the frog dropped into the water. We are boiling. But there’s still time to hop out of the pot,” Clinton tweeted today alongside a link to the interview she did with The Atlantic last week.

During this interview with the far-left publication, Clinton claimed that America is in the midst of a “constitutional crisis” and working under the design of what she described as “minority rule.”

“I won the popular vote, lost the Electoral College by 70,000-plus votes, and we saw all this stuff online about the Trump campaign and WikiLeaks and the Russians and all of that,” Clinton whined, showing once again that she is still incredibly bitter that she lost the 2016 election to Donald Trump.

“And then Joe Biden won by a huge popular-vote margin, but only won the Electoral College by about 100,000 votes,” she continued, claiming that the “parallels between what happened in 2016 and 2020 are not often understood.”

Clinton then directly attacked Republicans, alleging that they are trying to “undermine our democracy” and accusing them of attempting to “suppress votes” and “change the way elections are determined.”

“They’re going to try to give legislatures the power to basically throw out elections if they don’t go their way, because now they want to be able to win, even if they lose the popular vote and they legitimately lose the Electoral College,” she said, zeroing in on the election integrity laws that Republicans have been fighting to put in place all over the country.

“But the new part [is] having your vote counted, because they want to replace independent people like we saw with the Republican secretary of state in Georgia who stood up to tremendous pressure—now they want to throw elections, if they can, either to state legislatures or if necessary to the House of Representatives, where the vote is counted by state,” Clinton said.

“We are in the middle of a constitutional crisis. It’s like the frog dropped into the water. It’s boiling,” she concluded. “People are still arguing about stuff that is important, but not as fundamental as whether or not our democracy will be broken and then taken over. And minority rule will be what we live under, the norm.”

Clinton really needs to get over the fact that she lost fair and square in 2016, and that she will never be president. It’s time to find some hobbies, Hillary, and to move on with your life!