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Kayleigh McEnany Demolishes Kamala Harris For Her ‘Ineptitude’ – Says She ‘Lost The Media’

Kayleigh McEnany, Donald Trump’s former White House press secretary, spoke out on Thursday to call out Kamala Harris as the vice president continues to deny that she is having issues in Joe Biden’s administration behind the scenes.

Harris claimed that there is “little truth” to a CNN report [1] that cited dozens of sources in saying that she feels underused in her role. McEnany, however, was not having any of it.

“Harris, I just heard her say she doesn’t feel misused or underused, except we have more than three dozen sources, that’s what CNN got, more than three dozen sources saying she is. That’s nearly 40 people saying she feels misused or underused,” McEnany said while appearing on Fox News. “So I think there is a little truth to the matter when you have that many sources, and she complains about media coverage and she’s being attacked.”

“You know, Jen Psaki says it’s because of her identity that she’s being attacked,” she added. “his woman began this presidency with these kinds of headlines. It was fawning coverage, Harris. You’ll remember. New York Times, one hundred days of vice presidential style, Los Angeles Times created a beat for Kamala Harris called ‘Covering Kamala Harris,’ a ‘beat dedicated to her historic rise to the White House.'”

“This is someone who started with fawning media has since lost the media because, oh wait, not her identity. Her job performance,” McEnany concluded. “The border is on fire. She didn’t get voting rights legislation passed. Her ability or ineptitude I should say, is the reason she’s losing the media.”

When asked by ABC News [2]’ George Stephanopoulos on Thursday morning if she “misused or underused” by the Biden administration, Harris laughed as she said “no, I don’t.”

“I am very, very excited about the work that we have accomplished but I am also absolutely, absolutely clear-eyed that there is a lot more to do and we’re gonna get it done,” she continued.

Despite the many failures of the Biden Administration. Harris bizarrely claimed that everything is going great.

“This was a good week, and this week, when we got this Bipartisan Infrastructure Act passed and signed by the president, makes a statement about all of the hard work that has gone into it, month after month after month. I’ve traveled around the country, as has the president,” Harris said.

Given how low Harris’ approval ratings are at the moment, it’s safe to say that more Americans agree with McEnany’s take over hers.

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