Over the past few weeks, rumors have been swirling that Hillary Clinton is planning to run for president again in 2024. Now, her husband Bill Clinton is speaking out to praise her, saying that she should have won the 2016 presidential election against Donald Trump.

The former President Clinton told People Magazine that not electing Hillary as president in 2016 was “one of the most profound mistakes we ever made.” Clinton then described Hillary as “the most qualified person to run for office in my lifetime, including me.”

Clinton feels that his wife’s supposed qualifications for the job ended up being a hindrance in her chances of getting elected.

“Being well-qualified is a bad thing, having done things in the jobs you had before, including the magnificent job she did as a Senator for New York, it didn’t count for anything, because the whole system was messed up,” he said.

Clinton went on to whine about “the email thing” during the campaign, saying that it was “ridiculous.” He also talked about “the most disappointing thing that happened to me personally when I was campaigning for Hillary in 2016.” This exchange was with a young man who approached him at an event and made accusations against the Clintons.

“When you form these fixed views that are divorced from facts, it didn’t work,” he complained. “It’s just easier if you can turn a three-dimensional human being into a two-dimensional cartoon. But it’s not what life’s about. Life’s about filling out figures, not shrinking them.”

Last week, Hillary reemerged for an emotional reading of what would have been her 2016 victory speech. She has admitted in the past that she had not even written a concession speech before losing the election.

“I hope and I think she hopes that it will make people a little less cynical about who people are and what they can do,” he said.

When asked about a potential rematch with Hillary in an interview over the weekend, the former President Donald Trump said that he would “like that.”

“But look – the woman’s crooked as can be,” Trump told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, according to Daily Mail. “She cheated in the election, they spied on my campaign. Remember I put out that little statement, ‘They’re spying on my campaign’? And all hell broke out. You know why it broke out? Because they knew I was right.”

Many have questioned whether or not Joe Biden will run again in 2024, given his age, frequent gaffes, and unpopularity. It will certainly be interesting how this all plays out.