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Liberal Media Whitewashes Waukesha Murders

Newt Gingrich can see through the leftist obfuscation to understand that the Waukesha incident is likely a racist terrorist attack brought on by the Rittenhouse verdict. But the media must ignore that, lest their readers and viewers start to think outside the Bolshevik box.

Gingrich: The willful avoidance of facts and deliberate obscuring of what happened in Waukesha, Wisconsin is a low point in American journalism nationally.

It is stunning how much the propaganda media distorted and misreported the massacre at the Christmas parade last week. Here are the facts: The alleged killer, Darrell Brooks Jr., is an African American who was previously released from jail on an “inappropriately low bail” after reportedly running over the mother of his child with a car. He has openly talked about using a vehicle to kill people and posted anti-white racism on social media. On Nov. 21, he reportedly used his car to murder six people and maim more than 60 others (including children and senior citizens).

These horrendous facts apparently violate the established media’s narrative of inherent White racism and Black victimization. The propaganda media’s answer has been to simply avoid the facts and focus on reporting which can at best be described as inadequate and at worst be described as maliciously dishonest and misleading. The amazing thing is that this was not the work of one or two news outlets. Consider this deafening repetition of false and misleading headlines:

“After SUV slammed into Wis. Parade and killed 5, driver to be charged with homicide” (The Washington Post, Nov. 22) “A sixth victim has died after the Waukesha Christmas parade crash, prosecutors say” (CNN, Nov. 23) “Child is 6th death in Waukesha parade crash: suspect charged” (AP, Nov. 23) “Waukesha parade crash suspect captured on doorbell camera shortly after crash” (USA Today, Nov. 23) “More than a dozen remain hospitalized after deadly Waukesha parade crash” (CNN, Nov. 25)

Read these headlines and ask yourself: Was this a crash or an intentionally malicious act of violence? Did the SUV drive into the crowd and murder or maim people, or did the person driving it? Is that person a “crash suspect” or a suspected mass murderer? The propaganda media (as the mouthpiece of the left) seems on the verge of calling for SUV control akin to gun control. The SUV only did what its homicidal driver wanted it to do. But recognizing that the driver is an African American with a criminal history who spouts racism on social media appears politically unacceptable. Saying so would have destroyed years of carefully convincing people of the left’s vision of a “systemically racist” White America preying upon innocent African American victims…

This is a disgraceful act of deliberate false reporting and misinformation by the national media to protect a political ideology. The journalists involved should be ashamed of themselves. The American people should remember this effort to misinform them and protect the narrative of the left at the expense of the truth, respect for the victims, and justice for their families and loved ones.

This piece was written by David Kamioner on December 4, 2021. It originally appeared in LifeZette [3] and is used by permission.

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