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Barack Obama Reveals Why He Doesn’t Miss The ‘Hoopla’ Of Being President

Barack Obama is speaking out in a new interview to reveal why he does not miss the “hoopla” of being president of the United States.

“There’s nothing that compares to the privilege and the honor of serving the American people in the highest office in the land,” Obama said while appearing on the “Today” show, according to The Hill [1].

“There are times when I miss the work. I don’t miss the hoopla though,” the 60 year-old former president added. “And we’re finding we can be really productive, contributing citizens in all kinds of other ways. I feel fine. I was fortunate that I did not get it until I had been vaccinated, I had been boosted, and I barely had symptoms.”

Obama also gave his thoughts on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“What we have seen, with the invasion of Ukraine, is him being reckless in a way that you might not have anticipated eight, ten years ago, but you know, the danger was always there,” Obama said, adding that the ongoing conflict “is a reminder of why it is so important for us to not take our own democracy for granted, why it’s so important for us to stand for and ally ourselves with those who believe in freedom and independence and I think the current administration is doing what it needs to be doing.”

In this same interview, Obama talked about the new Netflix series “Our Great National Parks,” which he both narrated and executive produced.

“I’m hoping that we’re going to learn something not just about how to maintain national parks, but why it’s so important to deal with issues like climate change that threaten the entire planet,” he said.

Though Obama stood by President Joe Biden in this interview, he admitted that “inflation is a real issue.”

“A lot of it is having to do with these COVID supply chains and now Putin’s gas tax, essentially, by virtue of his invasion of Ukraine,” Obama said, according to The New York Post [7].

However, Obama went on to claim that the “underlying economy” is good and that Democrats “have to go out there and tell their story” before the midterm elections later this year.

This echoed claims that Biden has been making as of late.

“We saw in today’s inflation data, 70% of the increase in prices in March came from Putin’s price hike in gasoline,” Biden said on Tuesday. “We need to address this challenge with the urgency it demands.”

Unfortunately for Biden, the American people don’t seem to be buying what he’s selling, as he remains as unpopular as ever.