With the 2022 Midterm elections approaching fast, the Biden administration is desperately trying to explain how inflation isn’t necessarily their fault. For almost the past two years, the Democrats and President Joe Biden have been in charge of D.C., yet the President blamed inflation on the Republicans. When it appeared that narrative wasn’t working, White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki, tried to explain how a year ago, nobody could have predicted surging inflation. While a bold strategy, there was one little problem, most outlets did predict it. 

Discussing inflation, Psaki claimed, “We know, if we look at the recent inflation data, a per-, a large-, depending on which data you look at, two-thirds to even 70 percent of inflation data is a result of energy prices. A- a- large part of that is the result — and, and, and Chairman Powell has spoken to this and Secretary, um, Secretary Yellen has also spoken to this — as a result of President Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, and the impact on the gloyal-, global energy markets. Those are all steps and impacts that I don’t think anyone could have predicted a year ago.” 

Again, nothing more than a different narrative, host Dave Rubin, of “The Rubin Report”, wasn’t buying it. “Nonsense. Everyone could have predicted it.” He added, “It’s also a lie that this is all because of Putin … we know that this isn’t because of Putin, right. First off, prices were going up — we’ve covered this many times — gas prices were already up over a dollar before the the invasion of Ukraine. … And do you think if you endlessly print money … that the amount that you had first might start dropping? Well, that’s what they’ve been doing. They endlessly print mone.”

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While Psaki’s time at the White House is coming to an end, the Press Secretary has had a turbulent last few days. Not only did she suggest inflation was a surprise, but she also stated that President Biden supported peaceful protests of Supreme Court Justices. This was before liberal activists started to protest House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and President Biden for not doing enough for women. 

This piece was written by Jeremy Porter on May 11, 2022. It originally appeared in DrewBerquist.com and is used by permission.

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