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Joy Behar Whines That Republicans Only ‘Care About Making Biden Look Bad’

After years of Democrats obsessively complaining about every little thing that Donald Trump did, Joy Behar is whining that Republicans only “care about making Biden look bad.”

Behar said this on her ABC talk show “The View” after her co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that last month, 192 Republicans had “voted against easing the baby formula shortage with $28 million in emergency spending,” while only 12 voted in favor.

“The next time you wanna talk about young lives — babies’ lives — get with the program!” Goldberg said, according to Decider [1]. “You stopped this from happening!”

Behar was quick to agree, saying that Republicans “vote against the best interests of their constituents and against babies, in this case.”

“All they really care about is making Biden look bad,” she continued. “That seems to be their M.O.”

Behar went on to explain the catchphrase “own the libs” to Goldberg, who didn’t understand it and mistakenly heard “own the lips.”

“It’s like a vindictive stance,” Behar explained. “Instead of trying to make things better, they like making it worse so that Biden looks bad.”

Not stopping there, Behar also complained that Biden is being blamed for inflation when she claimed that it is “a worldwide problem.”

As for the soaring gas prices in this country, Behar said, “The gasoline is a worldwide problem. Yes, it’s $5, $6 here — it’s like $11, $12 in Europe. So you cannot blame the president for every single thing, and yet they will do that.”

Funny that Behar would say that when she blamed Trump “for every single thing” when he was president. Now that her beloved Biden is in office, however, she’s willing to have his back at every turn.

This comes a month after Behar defended Biden for saying that MAGA conservatives are extremists.

“I think he’s being kind when he says that they’re extreme,” she declared, according to Real Clear Politics [2]. “What we’ve been witnessing is people that want to overthrow democracy, who want to overthrow the government. You saw – everybody saw what happened on January 6th.”

“We see the Supreme Court dismissing a 50-year-old precedent, and I think that he’s talking about a cult of people who follow dear leader, and we know who that is, and I think he’s being very nice actually when he says they’re extreme,” she added.

Behar can defend Biden all she wants to, but it won’t change the fact that his approval ratings continue to be in the toilet. The media may be on Biden’s side, but the majority of Americans see right through what they are trying to do, and they’ve had enough of the current president.