While speaking at the Culture of Democracy Summit on Monday, the former First Lady Michelle Obama whined that “our democracy is fading” as she begged people to vote.

Though she claimed that she wants Americans from any political party to vote, it’s clear that her real goal was to recruit more Democrat voters.

“No one has the luxury to sit out or stay at home just because you’re not feeling excited enough. If you don’t vote, other people will,” Obama said, according to Fox News. “I have said it before, but it’s important for us all to remember it’s not just about who you vote for. It’s not about whether you’re a Republican, Democrat or independent.”

Obama went on to warn Americans that there may be a discrepancy in the way they imagine democracy in this country, and the reality of election results.

“This is so much bigger than that, because right now when we look around at everything that is happening with voting and our democracy, it is clear that we’re seeing a deep discrepancy between what we tell ourselves about this country and what we see with our own eyes,” she continued.

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Not stopping there, Obama talked about a “change” in both the way democracy is conceived in the U.S.,  and the way in which voters “participate” in democracy.

“I want to implore every American who cares about our democracy not to just get angry or dejected. I want you to get active,” she added. “We’ve got to change the way we think about our democracy. And we’ve got to change the way we participate in it. Not just every two or four years, but as a routine part of the way we all live.”

While Obama claims that her efforts to get people to vote are bipartisan, the other celebrity speakers at this event were Democrat allies Janelle Monáe, Tracee Ellis Ross, and Selena Gomez.

Since it was leaked last month that the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, Obama has increased her voter registration efforts, clearly targeting Democrats who would be livid by this happening.

“State lawmakers will have the power to strip womxn of the right to make decisions about their bodies and their healthcare,” she said in a statement last month.

“Womxn” is a new “woke” term for women, in case you were not aware of it.

Obama went on to complain that she feels women may lose the right to make decisions about their own bodies.

“But we don’t have to stand idly by while others try to turn back the clock on progress,” she continued. “I’m so inspired by everyone out marching today. And I know that we’re going to see so many folks carrying this energy forward to the elections in November and in every election after that.”

Given how unpopular President Joe Biden and Democrats at large are right now, however, Obama and her friends may end up very disappointed by the results of the midterm elections.