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Trump Knew Recession Would Happen Under Biden, Lara Trump Says

Donald Trump’s daughter-in-law Lara spoke out on Monday night to say that the former president knew that Joe Biden would cause a recession after taking office.

“It’s unfortunate that this is something that actually Joe Biden has followed through on and it’s hurting Americans across the board,” Lara told Fox News [1] host Sean Hannity. “Think back to those rallies, the times that you heard my father-in-law, President Donald Trump, talk about what would happen if Joe Biden ever became president of the United States.”

“And when he said that, when he said that about the gas prices, Sean, talking about $6, $7, $8, $9 gasoline per gallon, people said that will never happen,” she added. “It is happening right now across our country and this is only 18 months into the Biden presidency. What else did President Donald Trump predict? He predicted a recession on-the-rise if Joe Biden became president of the United States.”

Not stopping there, Lara proceeded to double down.

“I think most people in this country look at what’s happening with our economy,” she continued. “They look at the high gas prices. They look at the inflation. They look at the fact that people don’t have the discretionary money they used to have to go on vacations to go to a movie, to go to a restaurant: That hurts the economy across the board. And it’s a bit of a waterfall effect. What does that lead to? Likely a recession. Every expert has agreed on that. ”

Lara then called out the media for effectively ignoring the clip of Biden falling off a bicycle this past weekend.

“You also played some of those clips just a moment ago of the hysteria from the media over my father-in-law walking down a ramp. But don’t forget, it wasn’t just that,” she said. “It was the time and time again getting the White House doctor out in front of the media to ask about [Donald receiving] two scoops of ice cream.  I struggle to find anything I agree with Joe Biden on. It’s true. He is, though, the representation of America around the world and to have a guy that can’t even ride a bicycle.”

Lara concluded by pondering how all of this must make America look to foreign countries.

“Quite frankly, it is sad to see that our allies see that,” she said. “Our enemies see that it is just another way America looks weaker and is weaker under President Joe Biden.”

This comes after a FiveThirtyEight [2] poll found that Biden is the most unpopular president since tracking first began back in 1945. Clearly, most Americans can see past the media spin, and see the damage that Biden is doing to our country.