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Prince Andrew’s Cousin Issues Chilling Warning About Ghislaine Maxwell After She’s Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

One week after Ghislaine Maxwell, the alleged former madam of the late billionaire pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, was sentenced to twenty years in prison for her role in his sex crimes, the cousin of Prince Andrew is issuing a truly chilling warning about her.

Christina Oxenberg, a former friend of Maxwell’s and Andrew’s second cousin, warned The Sun [1] that Maxwell, 60, “will use her advantage to build a sense of camaraderie … while always keeping an eye on staying on top of the food chain.” She believes that the disgraced British socialite will use her family’s wealth and fame to manipulate more vulnerable inmates when she goes to prison.

Maxwell’s lawyers have asked that she be allowed to serve out her sentence at FCI Danbury, a minimum security women’s prison in Danbury, Connecticut.

“Unfortunately, the ironic reality is that she will be surrounded by true victims; FCI Danbury and other prisons like it are filled with women who are serving lengthy terms as either scapegoats or because they fought back against abuse themselves,” Oxenberg said.

Oxenberg went on to say that Maxwell’s prison stay will be “much more comfortable” because of her family’s resources.

Maxwell’s father was the press baron Robert Maxwell, a billionaire who died mysteriously back in 1991.

“While it may be provocative for people to herald threats of stabbings and maggoty food that await her the next 20 years, the reality of her sentence, justly or not, will be much more comfortable for Ghislaine,” Oxenberg said.

Oxenberg explained that she has experience volunteering in prisons, so she knows how things work behind bars.

“During my time in the Florida prisons, working as a volunteer teaching creative writing, I saw lifelong connections and loyalties made with gifts of food and simple pleasures we wouldn’t think twice about walking past in the outside world,” she said. “And falling right behind money, Ghislaine has the second biggest insulator: fame. In prison, of course, fame insulates for a different reason.”

“Even if inadvertently, ‘celebrity’ inmates will get extra attention and safety – because anything negative that happens will put scrutiny on the powers that be,” Oxenberg continued. “But more importantly, to the inmates, celebrities are a real, tangible connection to the outside, and Ghislaine is especially adept at exploiting the power of fame to her benefit.”

Maxwell has been incarcerated since her arrest in the summer of 2020, and she was found guilty in December on various charges related to her grooming young girls for sex with Epstein, and sometimes participating in the abuse herself. Epstein allegedly committed suicide while behind bars in August of 2019, when he was awaiting trial on sex crime charges of his own.

Andrew was known to be friends with both Epstein and Maxwell, and he has been forced to take a step back from royal life because of these ties. A judge will be revealing where Maxwell will be serving out her sentence at a later date.