Remember the good old days when we had to put up with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s corruption on a daily basis when she was involved in ServerGate? She has been allowed, over the years, to do all kinds of illegal stuff and one of those things was having a server in her bathroom so that her secret emails could go back and forth to her pals in and outside of the United States. Never mind that some of the emails contained classified information. Nothing to see here. The FBI just said she was “extremely careless.”

During that scandal, we also learned that her minions had not only wiped her server clean (with a cloth of course), they destroyed some of her phones too. Hills and her friends used BlackBerry phones to communicate even though State Dept. security personnel said it might pose a security risk. But Hillary ignored them and her email account used on her BlackBerry was hosted on her private server.

In 2014, all kinds of emails were deleted from her server. Those would be the ones President Trump asked about.

In addition to that, one of her aides, Justin Cooper, smashed two of her 13 private BlackBerrys with a hammer to destroy them.

The leftist media didn’t care about that at all. Not any of it. And neither did anyone with the power to put her in jail.

But now that they’re going after President Trump for his actions on January 6th and those who are close to him, they are all up in arms that the phones of Secret Service agents have been wiped clean by the Pentagon. Trump defense officials need to be held to account they say even though a defense official said the deletions were “standard process.”

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The Washington Post calls it a “blow” to the J6 committee’s efforts to unearth critical communications about the January 6th attack. And now they want an investigation of the missing text messages.

It never ends with them.

This piece was written by Liberty Paige on August 4, 2022. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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