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How the United States Must Respond Now to the CCP’s Unprovoked Aggression Against Taiwan

WASHINGTON, D.C.— The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) continues to ratchet up its aggressive
behavior towards Taiwan, including in ways that bespeak an intention by Beijing to engage, possibly
imminently, in violent action against the freedom-loving people of that island. Such actions include:

Clearly, like the “Bully of Asia” [1] it is, the CCP is probing to see what, if any, response will be triggered
by such hostile operations. It is deeply regrettable, and an invitation to worse, that the U.S. response to
date has been largely limited to the rhetorical and appeasing. For example, Biden administration
spokesmen have confined themselves to admonishing Beijing that its actions are unwarranted. And, for a
second time since Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine – launched in February in collusion with his
“no-limits” partner, Xi Jingping – the U.S. Air Force was ordered to cancel a scheduled flight test of its
aging Minuteman III ballistic missiles. (See CPDC Member Claudia Rosett’s excellent critique [2] of this
pattern of submissive unilateral restraint.)

The Committee on the Present Danger: China (CPDC) [3] believes that seven steps are now required if
kinetic warfare with China is to be avoided, if possible, and mitigated, if not. These are:

1. The United States must recognize that the Chinese Communist Party is: our mortal enemy;
responsible for the deaths a million Americans thanks to its SARS-CoV-2 biological warfare attack [4];
a transnational criminal organization; and a threat that must be defeated.
2. To that end, the United States must: adopt a war-footing that will end our dependence on
Chinese supply chains for everything from medicines and rare earth minerals to fertilizers and
silicon chips; and find genuine alternative sources of supply (not simply Chinese cut-outs in other
3. In fact, we must wean ourselves immediately from such vulnerabilities by disengaging from
business dealings with China, and by expelling CCP-controlled companies, organizations and
their associated personnel and CCP-approved students in the United States.
4. We must rebuild our military by ending Biden policies that are taking it down (the subject of a
“USA Betrayed” webinar [5]) and by focusing its funding, energies, training,
deployments and acquisitions on defeating the CCP threat. The forces we currently have available to
counter China must have that mission as their priority objective and be deployed for offensive, as
well as defensive, action. Operationalizing this new direction should include the immediate
declaration that U.S. forces will not respect a Chinese blockade of Taiwan (either, de facto or
5. The government of the United States at every level must be purged of politicians and officials
compromised by the Chinese Communist Party. We simply cannot tolerate power being exercised
in our country by those subject to CCP influence or control.
6. Financial managers must stop using American investors’ money to underwrite the Chinese
Communist threat. (See here [6] for more on immediate steps that must be taken to prevent this from
being done with the retirement funds of U.S. federal civilian employees and military personnel,
among others whose savings are at asymmetric risk in CCP-controlled companies.)
7. We must stand with our allies and partners like Taiwan to resist and roll back the CCP’s global
expansion and protect vital U.S. interests. Vital to this mission is restoring America as “the arsenal
of democracy” to ensure that our own forces and our friends’ can prevail against the CCP.

The Committee on the Present Danger and its Team B III [4] offer candidates for elective office this
fall, and those they seek to represent, “The Brief” – a half-hour presentation laying out:

For more on The Brief and how candidates and concerned citizens can receive it, visit
www.CCPatWar.com [7].