First come the tanks, then come the nukes. Sound familiar? Does that sound like an extension of the analysis and projections for a Russia-China multiple-front war scenario drawing back to March 2021 that rests on a deep foundation of further analysis into Ukraine [Russia] and China [Taiwan, South China Sea]; that just happens to overlay two critical ongoing matters: 1-China and Ukraine represent the two epicenters of Joe Biden’s corruption, crime, and treason at the same time 2-China and Ukraine represent the context of multiple tranches of classified documents illegally retained by then Vice President Biden to underpin the constructed removal [1 2 3 4 5] of Biden from the Executive by the intelligence community.

[This is the 101st article in the WAR, FAMINE & DISEASE series.]

The thorough and arduous analysis and projections for the multiple-front war scenario exceed 100 articles and reach back almost two years but the recent projection of “First come the tanks, then come the nukes,” is derived from a source with exponentially greater knowledge and insight on the matter. It’s just that at this moment, we both view the escalating multiple-front war scenario through the same exact and precise lens. That source is none other than President Donald J. Trump, and all of the evidence indicates that his words should be carefully and closely considered.

“A major disaster is brewing!” says President Trump. Here are longstanding Moonshine positions that bite down to the bone in evidence of Trump’s accurate projection:

  1. As exclusively stated on 06 May 20, the U.S. is embroiled in an asymmetrical, irregular, and undeclared war with China that is aligned with Chinese doctrine and Chinese warfare doctrine, positioning biowarfare [COVID-19] as it’s first stated and preferred warfare vector.
  2. Biowarfare [COVID-19] was deployed against America and Americans as the context to remove Trump from office and install Biden via the stolen 2020 election.
  3. Biowarfare [mRNA injections as bioweapons] is the vector to attack, weaken and eliminate sectors of the population and especially the U.S. military [“vaccine” mandates] in targeting to soften the U.S. as a precursor to kinetic warfare.
  4. Whereas Trump normalized bilateral relations with Russia and put China on a leash following his inauguration, Biden immediately resumed Obama-era policy to reignite a constructed war with Russia caused by Ukrainian regime change drawing back to 2014 and relentless NATO encroachment; and then put forth policies that were China’s policies.
  5. In March 2021, a White House advisor reversed a Pentagon position determined by war game exercises that originally held that the U.S. would lose a war with China over Taiwan in every scenario gamed-out to claim that the U.S. could effectively fight China and Russia in two theaters; on two fronts.
  6. My March 2021 analysis holds that the Pentagon position reversal is indicative of the Biden regime’s predetermined decision [China’s decision] to take a dive and deliberately lose this multiple-front war so that the U.S. could be handed over by the same complicit United Nations [WHO], which would broker the post-war treaty process, that was directly complicit in the biowarfare attack [COVID-19 and mRNA injections] on the U.S.
  7. The analysis holds that the first kinetic front to break out would be Russia in Ukraine, followed by the immediate opening of a second front in Taiwan and the South China Sea.
  8. The evidence is clear that the opening of the direct U.S./Russian kinetic warfare front in Ukraine would almost immediately escalate to thermonuclear warfare.
  9. Compounding and aggravating the analysis on Biden’s predetermined dive is the factual and established position holding that the U.S. is currently exporting its warfare equipment and armaments to Ukraine in a fraudulently predicated war at the same time China is stockpiling the same; being emblematic of a highly concerning the inverse relationship in the context of armaments, national defense, and national security.

For a more complete fact set, read this. For a comprehensive understanding over time, consume the full series of articles. To understand how Ukrainian money laundering operations overlay it all, read this series.

Mr. Trump’s problematic and highly concerning statements about “tanks” and “nukes” and the full body of work in this analysis are augmented by new developments, INCLUDING CRITICAL ANALYSIS AND EVIDENCE BELOW THAT MUST BE READ AND COMPREHENDED RELATIVE TO THE EXISTING BODY OF WORK:

  1. 17 Jan 23: How China planted an FBI mole who was discovered only after gutting the CIA’s vast spy network: A major tenet of the analysis at Moonshine holds that China infiltrated America’s agencies, departments, and institutions writ large and over a long timeline. Consider how this evidences exactly that: “The FBI’s website carries a stark warning. “The counterintelligence and economic espionage efforts emanating from the government of China,” it says, “are a grave threat to the economic well-being and democratic values of the United States. Confronting this threat is the FBI’s top counterintelligence priority.” Perhaps far worse is the threat to the lives of scores of courageous Chinese agents who have volunteered to spy for the US within their own country. Over the past decade, more than a dozen agents recruited by the CIA have been killed or imprisoned. It now turns out that it was a Chinese spying suspect within the FBI’s counterintelligence division who may have been largely responsible. This person is said to have gone undetected with his activities for upward of two decades until his quiet arrest in 2020. In a Hawaiian jail, he has a little-known case wrapped in layers of secrecy as he awaits trial.” Don’t forget that Hillary Clinton’s unsecured private server that is thought to be the source for the identification and subsequent elimination [executed] of over 100 U.S. intelligence assets in China.
  2. 23 Jan 23: DOD Awarded $3M to EcoHealth Alliance Despite Work with Wuhan Lab: Three things are critical here to fully comprehend the DOD’s award of $3 million to Peter Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance as aligned with the Wuhan Institute of Virology: 1-This article: The U.S. Department of Defense Has Been Engaged in Biowarfare Against the American People This Entire Time, 2-This follow-up article: The Department of Defense and Its Biowarfare Against the American People: Contracts and Evidence and 3-This older article regarding Daszak and EcoHealth: Daszak Delivered Damning Details in 2016. It’s simple math. The DOD has been on the point for biowarfare against the U.S., the federal apparatus used EcoHealth as a conduit to move funding to the Wuhan lab to fund biowarfare [SARS-CoV-2 bioengineering], and now, the DOD is sending additional funding to this evidenced conspiring and Chinese lab. Consider: “The Department of Defense just last month awarded a $3 million grant to EcoHealth Alliance Inc., the non-profit organization that reportedly funneled millions in American taxpayer funds to the Wuhan lab in China that was conducting research on bat viruses. The approximately three-year $3 million grant to EcoHealth, which started December 12, 2022, was for the purpose of “reducing the threat of viral spillover from wildlife in the Philippines,” according to”
  3. 24 Jan 23: Top FBI ‘Russiagate’ Official Arrested For Colluding With Russian Oligarch: DOJ: The entire construct of “Russian collusion” as the context to target and surveil Trump and his campaign and administration was a product of Hillary Clinton and was approved by then-President Barack Obama in summer 2016 according to handwritten notes by then CIA Director John Brennan. Overlaying this is then FBI Director and longtime Clinton fixer James Comey declining to pursue Clinton relative to the private server scandal on the same timeline. Emblematic of just how rotten, corrupt and treasonous this all is, consider this; noting Oleg Deripaska’s involvement with the Steele dossier as the fraudulently constructed tool to secure FISC/FISA warrants against Trump and his inner circle for “Russian collusion”: “Federal prosecutors in Manhattan charged Charles McGonigal, former special agent in charge of the FBI’s New York counterintelligence desk, with taking secret payments from Oleg V. Deripaska – which violated US sanctions by agreeing to help the Russian billionaire, who himself was indicted last year on sanctions charges. McGonical notably retired in 2018. […] They said he primarily investigated Russian counterintelligence and espionage during his lengthy career with the F.B.I. Mr. McGonigal also took on extremely sensitive assignments in the intelligence community, leading an F.B.I. team that investigated why C.I.A. informants in China were being arrested and killed. -NYT. […] Look who just got arrested for a Russian Oligarch-related issue. The FBI Agent that Comey put in charge of counter-intelligence in the FBI’s NY Field Office. Just. Before. The. 2016. Election. P.S. BTW, Hillary’s campaign HQ was in Brooklyn. [from a social media post contained in the article.]”
  4. 24 Jan 23: Nothing ‘sinister’: Sen. Lindsey Graham vouches for Biden amid classified docs discovery: “First come the tanks, then come the nukes.” Before that, there was Lindsey Graham’s open call for Vladimir Putin’s assassination and, subsequent to it, his call to send tanks to Ukraine. Graham is an unvarnished point man for NATO and the Military Industrial Complex, stoking and driving the manufactured war. Now, Graham is defending Biden, the Commander in Chief, relative to his illegal retention of classified documents: “South Carolina Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham vouched for Biden’s character as the president faces intense scrutiny for his handling of sensitive and, in some cases, classified information. “I’ve known President Biden a long time,” Graham told reporters on Capitol Hill. “I’d be shocked if there’s anything sinister here.””
  5. 23 Jan 23: World On Brink Of WW3 Due To West Escalating, Medvedev Warns: In complete alignment with analysis drawing back to March 2021, the former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council Dmitry Medvedev continues to warn of the encroachment on a thermonuclear World War III: “Days after he warned NATO of the likelihood of nuclear war if Russia is defeated in Ukraine, the former Russian president and current deputy chairman of the security council Dmitry Medvedev on Monday said the world stands on the brink of World War III due to US and Western aggression against Russia. “The world has come close to the threat of World War III due to impending US aggression against the Russian Federation,” Medvedev said in comments first reported by Sky News Arabia. He also emphasized he sees the conflict as a point of no return. “There are no conditions for negotiations between Russia and Ukraine now, either de facto or de jure,” Medvedev said.”
  6. 25 Jan 23: Kremlin Reacts To Doomsday Clock Moving Closer To Midnight: In this Telegram post and this Twitter post, I recently linked the dystopian story covering the Doomsday Clock moving the closest it’s ever been to midnight as a mechanism to facilitate societal control by fear. The Russians promptly responded, noting the reference to thermonuclear war: “The Kremlin has weighed in on The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists moving the Doomsday Clock closer to midnight. As we reported earlier, the body of scientists and intellectuals who have maintained the clock since 1947 on Tuesday moved it to 90 seconds till midnight, which is the closest it’s been in history. It seeks to gauge how close the world stands to nuclear war and total annihilation. The Bulletin explained that the clock moving closer is mostly due to escalation among world powers in Ukraine. The Russian government on Wednesday called it “really alarming,” – with Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov confirming that de-escalation does not at all seem to be on the horizon and that the question of ceasefire talks is a thing of the past. “On the whole, the situation is really alarming,” Peskov said, explaining that at this point, nations must be “particularly attentive, vigilant and responsive” – and willing to take appropriate measures to reduce risk of nuclear war.”
  7. 25 Jan 23: US, Germany to send advanced tanks to aid Ukraine war effort: “First come the tanks, then come the nukes.” Here we take an enormous stride in this direction: “Germany and the United States announced Wednesday that they will send advanced battle tanks to Ukraine, offering what one expert called an “armored punching force” to help Kyiv break combat stalemates as the Russian invasion enters its 12th month. The announcement marked the first stage of a coordinated effort by the West to provide dozens of the heavy weapons, which Ukrainian military commanders said would enable counter-offensives, reduce casualties and help restore dwindling ammunition supplies. American President Joe Biden said the U.S. will send 31 M1 Abrams tanks, reversing months of persistent arguments by Washington that they were too difficult for Ukrainian troops to operate and maintain. The U.S. decision followed Germany’s agreement to send 14 Leopard 2 A6 tanks from its own stocks.”
  8. 23 Jan 23: Russia Holds Drills Focused On “Repelling Air Attacks” On Moscow: “Days after widespread reports that Russia had erected Pantsir-S1 anti-air defense systems on top of some key buildings in Moscow, which triggered speculation that Russia is expecting more attacks from Ukraine on its soil, the Kremlin ramped up anti-air exercises outside Moscow. The defense ministry confirmed in a Saturday statement, “In the Moscow region, a training session was held with the personnel of the anti-aircraft missile brigade of the Western Military District on repelling air attacks on important military-industrial and administrative facilities.””
  9. 24 Jan 23: Russian Warship Armed With Hypersonic Missiles To Join China In South Africa-Hosted Drills: In direct support and evidence of my longstanding position that once a traditionally opposed China and Russia established normalized diplomatic relations, the two nations would venture on to collaborate in highly problematic military relations, which then occurred, consider this: “The Russian navy is set to participate alongside the Chinese and South African navies in exercises set for February off South Africa, Russia’s state TASS has announced. Importantly, the Russian frigate named ‘Admiral of the Fleet of the Soviet Union Gorshkov’ is armed with hypersonic cruise missiles after it entered deployment in the Atlantic Ocean three weeks ago.”
  10. CRITICAL ANALYSIS & EVIDENCE: 25 Jan 23: Study Finds US Would Run Out Of Long-Range Munitions In 1 Week In China Hot War: This article presents in direct support and evidence of my analysis on the March 2021 position regarding the Biden White House reversal of a Pentagon position on the U.S. inability to fight a multiple-front war and in ways to compound my other position on the depletion of U.S. armaments. Consider: “A new study released this week by the D.C.-based Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) has concluded that America’s defense industry is “not adequately prepared” for “a protracted conventional war” with an enemy with a large military like China. The findings were the result of a war games simulation which also relied heavily on observations and statistics being gained from the Ukraine-Russia war and Washington’s ongoing military support role to Kiev. Information from the Ukraine war led CSIS to find that the US would rapidly deplete its munitions, particularly long-range, precision-guided ones – in merely less than a week of a hot war with China in the Taiwan Strait. “The main problem is that the U.S. defense industrial base — including the munitions industrial base — is not currently equipped to support a protracted conventional war,” the study emphasized. “The bottom line is the defense industrial base, in my judgment, is not prepared for the security environment that now exists,” CSIS’s Seth Jones concluded in a statement to The Wall Street Journal.” THIS IS EXACTLY AND PRECISELY WHAT I HAVE BEEN EVIDENCING AND WARNING ABOUT SINCE MARCH 2021.
  11. 26 Jan 23: German Foreign Minister Just Said The Quiet Part Out Loud On Ukraine: Representing further encroachment on the declaration of a proper World War III, consider this: “German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock bluntly stated in fresh remarks that Western allies are fighting a war against Russia. The remarks came during a debate at the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) on Tuesday amid discussions over sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine. While Baerbock’s words were largely ignored in mainstream media, a number of pundits on social media noted with alarm that the German foreign minister just essentially declared war on Russia. […] “If we add this to Merkel’s revelations that they were strengthening Ukraine and did not count on the Minsk agreements, then we are talking about a war against Russia that was planned in advance. Don’t say later that we didn’t warn you,” Zakharova said.”
  12. 26 Jan 23: New Missile Barrage Pummels Ukraine As Russia Vows US-Made Tanks “Will Burn”: In response to the U.S. [NATO, Western Empire] allocation of U.S. tanks to Ukraine compounded by its stated objective to capture Russian weapons and armaments in South American countries for delivery to Ukraine, as anticipated Russia indicated it would go further down the path of escalations to a proper World War III: “Another large wave of Russian airstrikes pummeled Ukrainian energy infrastructure on Thursday, in what’s widely being seen as the most immediate response to the day prior announcement from the US and Germany that Abrams and Leopard main battle tanks will be supplied to Ukrainian forces. Ukraine’s emergency services have said at least 11 people were killed and 11 more wounded. Thursday’s fresh areal assault included at least two dozen drones, allegedly Iranian-made launched on southern Ukraine. Ukraine’s military said its anti-air defenses intercepted the drones. In the wake of the attack, Energy Minister Herman Halushchenko charged that Russia is seeking to “create a systemic failure in Ukraine’s energy system.” […] Moscow said that it will consider the Western tank deliveries as confirming the Western allies’ “direct involvement in the conflict.” Additionally, Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Wednesday in response to President Biden’s pledge to send 31 M1 Abrams to Ukraine that the US-made tanks will “burn”.”
  13. 26 Jan 23: Ukraine Pivots To F-16 Fighter Jets Hours After Securing Tanks: No sooner did the U.S. and the Military Industrial Complex agree to send tanks to Ukraine did the administration of Ukrainian President and U.S. proxy Volodymyr Zelensky pivot to F-16 fighter jets in clear evidence of the march to World War III overlaid by the enormous and ongoing money laundering and profit mechanism for the MIC: “A mere hours after both Washington and Berlin confirmed they will be providing Western-made heavy battle tanks for Ukraine, reversing course on the prior policy after the intense inter-NATO debate, Ukraine said it is now pushing hard for 4th generation fighter jets. That’s according to an adviser to Ukrainian defense minister Oleksiy Reznikov, who just told Reuters that Kiev will step up efforts to lobby for newer western aircraft to replace its small, aging Soviet fleet. “The next big hurdle will now be the fighter jets,” the defense ministry official, Yuriy Sak, said. “Every type of weapon we request, we needed yesterday,” Sak added, expressing Ukrainian impatience as the Russians report fresh gains in the east and south, also after Ukrainian forces confirmed withdrawing completely from Soledar. “We will do everything possible to ensure Ukraine gets fourth-generation fighter jets as soon as possible.”

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“First come the tanks, then come the nukes.” President Trump and I agree wholly on that problematic analysis and conclusion that should be closely scrutinized by every single American and no matter race, religion, creed, or political affiliation. Since March 2021, I’ve been covering this escalation towards a thermonuclear World War III in granular and exclusive ways no one else has. The evidence is clear and irrefutable at this point, and now a U.S. president agrees with it in that exact context. What Moonshine does, though, is stacks-up two years’ worth of granular evidence to back-fill it all.

Most concerning in all of this is the critical analysis and evidence drawing back to March 2021 and the Biden White House reversal of the Pentagon position on the U.S. inability to fight a multiple-front war against China and Russia. Overlaying that are the clear, unquestionable, and incremental steps towards that multiple-front war now compounded and aggravated by an independent study in complete alignment with the Pentagon position that Biden’s administration reversed.

As I’ve long contended, the position reversal is to accomplish the objective of taking a dive and handing over the United States to Globalists and communists; the same Globalists and communists that unleashed biowarfare against America to steal an election and insert Joe Biden as a Chinese proxy.

If I’m wrong and I’m not, the question everyone should be asking themselves is why did the Biden Administration reverse the Pentagon’s position as the precursor to beginning this evidenced march toward war when the decision came in the face of irrefutable evidence to the contrary?

Biden’s policies are China’s policies. Dead horse kicked. Again.

Unless things change and quickly, we’re all going to find out the answer to that question the hard way, and everyone’s individual politics won’t matter one bit.


This piece was written by Political Moonshine on January 28, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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