Just a day after Joe Biden visited his protectorate Ukraine, Russia’s President Vladimir Putin gave his annual address to his government and people. One part of the speech suspended Russia’s participation in the New Strategic Arms Reduction Treaty (New Start). This is the latest step that indicates Russia is not deterred by the US and NATO “all in” effort to defeat Russia through Ukraine.

Sadly, the weak leadership of a US President and NATO politicians is only serving to provoke Mr. Putin into now including that his country is fighting for its very existence in his war mission. The West’s attacks on the family and even Christianity have forced Russia to defend it’s way of life by seeking teh destruction of teh post-WW2 liberal rules-based order. Weakness is provocation in the great power competition arena and now Russia and China are in each other’s arms. China’s communist party has the world’s largest navy and Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal and Putin’s suspension of New START is the strategic signal to the West that he can and will defend his country’s existence with all of his military’s capability and China’s support.

The United States has taken misstep after misstep over the Ukraine issue, from our color revolution overthrowing a Russia-friendly President, ignoring Russia’s capture of Crimea with virtually no response, flirting with inviting Ukraine into NATO, ignoring Russia’s increase in its nuclear force posture shortly after the war started, and now openly stating a goal of defeating Russia through its support of Ukraine after our own illegal act of war destroying the NORDSTREAM pipeline was revealed. Our own actions have proven provocative to the Chinese Communist Party leading China’s government, opening the door for re-unifying Taiwan with the mainland through force sooner rather than later. The latest news that China is now supplying Russia further solidifies their partnership that we forced to occur.

I’ve said we were driving to the brink for nearly a year but now, we are standing at the very precipice and all the while the representatives of the American People in Congress have not passed a war declaration because they know we the people don’t support a war.

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