THE HUNT IS ON is a branded series of articles chronicling an exclusive and intensive examination of the precise schematics that are being used to level a spectrum of multifaceted warfare against the American people by its own federal apparatus. Currently, it’s General Joe Biden that is leading this war, and his declared enemies are his regime’s political opposition: Republicans, conservatives, MAGA and anyone not caring to live under the CCP’s brand of Marxist communism.

The federal apparatus is best summarized by the Executive, Legislative and Judicial branches, the institution of Federalism, the Military Industrial Complex and the substantial hammers of the Federal Bureau of Investigation, Department of Defense and Central Intelligence Agency. The mainstream media as the propaganda arm of the federal apparatus also factors in and heavily so.

This spectrum of multifaceted warfare is our focus today, and it contains something I’ve written about extensively but haven’t revisited in some time. New developments in the hunt cause us to take another look at it: the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009.

Does the publication date of January 2009 catch your eye? It should.

I published two articles that revisited and recapitulated existing work in the Counterinsurgency Guide back in early June 2021:

  1. Revisiting Obama’s Application of U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine and the COVID-19 Blueprint to Overthrow America
  2. Revisiting Obama’s Application of U.S. Counterinsurgency Doctrine: A Closer Look at the Guide

Recall that I’ve published scores of articles detailing some of the most hyperbolic assertions to be found anywhere and the window-licking, Kool-Aid drinking crowd that is too ignorant to realize that “conspiracy theory” is a fabricated term borne out of the Kennedy assassination in 1963 to marginalize and control truth-tellers who were off-reservation, have, do and will continue to brand it all “conspiracy theory.” Those oblivious people who sadly exist as functional idiots are destined to live the remainder of their lives on the technocratic global plantation that is being constructed at this very moment. Unfortunately, that segment of the population is significant enough to drag the rest of us along with them.

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The Kennedy assassination is our bridge to the present because the “conspiracy theory” that a rogue CIA executed as sitting U.S. president is no longer a conspiracy. It’s factual. That must be accepted on its face.

Rehashing more old analysis that is delineated in the Moonshine fact set [menu item at the top of the page], George H.W. Bush, whose father Prescott Bush funded the Nazis during World War II, was a covert operator in the Kennedy Assassination. GHWB then later entered the CIA formally and ascended to its directorship and then the vice presidency under President Ronald Reagan eventually creating the primary portal for a rogue intelligence community and Military Industrial Complex to interface directly with the Executive on a regular 1:1 basis. GHWB would go on to become the 41st president serving one term.

The old analysis places GHWB at the head of the snake making him the central node to the current political continuum that is conspiring with Klaus Schwab, the World Economic Forum, China and other hostile foreign countries and entities to undo this country from this inside-out. I branded this continuum Dynastic Bush.

Dynastic Bush has resulted in a string of sitting U.S. presidents that have been installed under the illusion of “democracy,” “elections” and “voting.” Anyone caught-up thinking that a two-party system exists or that “Democrats” and “Republicans” are somehow different is living that illusion. Elephants and donkeys only appear differently. Otherwise, they’re the same animal in service to the “Uniparty.” Since at least GHWB, it never mattered who ascended to the Executive because rest assured that whoever was installed, it was “their guy.” Arguably, this concept could be extended as far back as Lyndon B. Johnson with the caveat that the rigging of elections was perfected subsequent to GHWB.

The only exception to Dynastic Bush is Donald J. Trump, and therefore, Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Joe Biden are all products of Dynastic Bush.

Two plausible explanations exist for Trump’s presidency: 1-Trump and the forces behind him managed to “unrig” 2016 but somehow and inexplicably fall victim in 2020 to that which they previously “unrigged” -OR- 2-Dynastic Bush permitted Trump to win 2016 because the Office of the Presidency is different than the individual serving as president and whereby Trump was controllable via being subjected to the same brand of federally driven warfare that is now targeting the American population: “Russian collusion,” the Mueller Special Counsel, two fraudulent impeachments, the Capitol and Mar-a-Lago entrapment operations, Jack Smith Special Counsel, etc.

Understand that the current objective is to make Trump a felon and preclude him from running in 2024. We have direct evidence of that in one of our new developments today, which I address below.

Why would Dynastic Bush install Trump as described in plausible scenario two? It’s for the purpose of sowing chaos, fear, uncertainty, etc., which are the effective mechanisms for societal control preferred by an oppressive regime. Had Hillary Clinton been permitted to win 2016, the approach would have been too direct for the same outcomes but where it would have presented as abject tyranny thus making the total dynamics of it much more difficult for Dynastic Bush to control and steer towards palatable ends.

In other words, installing Trump equates to the duplicity of giving your dog his medicine lathered in peanut butter and getting the dog to unwittingly go along with it as opposed to ramming the Clinton medicine straight down the dog’s throat.

Trump also provides them with something that couldn’t be as effectively achieved under Clinton: a bridge to extend the federal apparatus’ full spectrum of warfare to the American people and specifically, to the Biden regime’s political opposition. That is the crux of the entire series THE HUNT IS ON, and it primarily manifests in the two entrapment operations I’ve written about extensively: the January 6th Capitol “insurrection” and Mar-a-Lago.

January 6th and its subsequent House hearings and Special Counsel represent the planned and executed construct to entrap President Trump and innocent Americans who were expressing their First Amendment rights to protest a patently and obviously stolen 2020 election resting on a mountain of reliable evidence. Therein, a rogue FBI and intelligence community conspiring with a complicit Capitol Police Department in an ordered stand down leveraged FBI confidential human assets located on the grounds of the Capitol to usher into the Capitol unsuspecting innocent Americans. This is critical to understand.

This Capitol entrapment construct permits Dynastic Bush to brand these innocent Americans as “domestic terrorists,” and that is the second critical crux in all of this. My earlier analysis pieces it together:

Beginning in 2019, the FBI ramped up its efforts to combat what it branded as “the rise in domestic terrorism,” saying, “The FBI classifies domestic terrorism threats into four main categories: racially motivated violent extremism, anti-government/anti-authority extremism, animal rights/environmental extremism, and abortion extremism. The drivers of these domestic violent extremists include perceptions of government or law enforcement overreach, socio-political conditions, and reactions to legislative actions, and they remain constant.” [SourceOn the heels of the stolen 2020 election, by April 2021, the FBI established that “domestic terrorism” is the biggest threat to the nation. [Source]

Political Moonshine

We are bridging here with Trump as the linkage to Biden’s political opposition. This all occurs by means of the continuity of government protocols, which provides the federal apparatus extra-constitutional authority derived from the declaration of public emergencies. “Domestic terrorism” therefore becomes the planks upon which the federal troops will march and if you haven’t recognized it yet, this is the exact same schematic leveraged for the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct where a Public Health Emergency declaration provided Emergency Use Authorization and extra-constitutional authority derived from the continuity of government laws.

Here’s how this happens from the same analysis:

Consider this with respect to “domestic terrorism,”

All of this rings as ominous foreshadowing, does it not? It heightens with FEMA’s authority and the release of Michael Horowitz’s commentary about the OIG’s review of the Department of Justice’s “Preparedness to Respond to Critical Incidents Under Emergency Support Function 13.” (SOURCE)

Before hearing Horowitz’s summary, it’s important to understand that the DOJ’s relevance is as aligned with the nature of what “Function 13” is. Here’s what Function 13 does (emphasis mine.) (SOURCE)

Political Moonshine

Emergency Support Function (ESF) #13 – Provides Federal public safety and security assistance to local, state, tribal, territorial, and Federal organizations overwhelmed by the results of an actual or anticipated natural/manmade disaster or an act of terrorism.

ESF # 13 resources include those from all Federal law enforcement departments or agencies and may provide a wide array of Federal law enforcement capabilities, personnel, and equipment to assist local, state, tribal, territorial, insular area, and Federal authorities to accomplish the core mission of public safety and security.


The takeaway from the above is that in instances of “domestic terrorism,” Continuity of Government protocols can be triggered giving the Executive – Proxy Joe Biden – emergency powers that circumvent regular constitutional governance. Combine that with the power of executive orders to rule by edict and we’re a couple of EOs away from the Second Amendment being eviscerated. After that comes enforcement and that’s the portal for the UN.

Political Moonshine

The other planks in the bridge are “white nationalism,” which is overlaid by the fraudulent narrative of “systemic racism,” and the Second Amendment given that ultimately and throughout this warfare, disarming political opposition is a high order objective. For those details, please read the series.

I asked above if 2009 caught your eye as it likely did. Dynastic Bush product Barack Obama was inaugurated in January 2009.

Upon Obama’s inauguration, several important things happened, and you can ascertain them more efficiently by examining my COVID-19 enterprise fraud timeline containing over 100 entries. I explain them in the following accepting on its face that COVID-19 was the mechanism to remove a sitting U.S. president [Trump], install a Chinese proxy into the Executive [Biden] and implement permanent Marxist communism by means of medical tyranny justified by fraudulently predicated Public Health Emergency declaration and renewals. Remember, once governments are overthrown, communists always seek to target and eliminate as much of their opposition as they can ergo, THE HUNT IS ON.

For one, Obama inherited a sunset executive order occurring during a period of presidential transition [09 Jan 09] from George W. Bush. That executive order would ultimately permit Obama to rewrite U.S. biosecurity rules, which permitted prohibited gain of function work [bioweaponizing dual use pathogens] to occur covertly. Ultimately, it led to the development of SARS-CoV-2 as a bioweapon in conjunction with The Wuhan Institute of Virology.

By October 2009, as a result of another executive order issued by Obama, the biosecurity rules rewrite was underway.

For another, the groundwork was laid to export U.S. bioweaponization to China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Obama era bioweapons development became problematic when internal U.S. whistleblowers sounded the alarm in 2014.

In March 2010, Obamacare [the Affordable Care Act] was then placed into law providing the mechanisms, digital and otherwise, infrastructure and architecture to execute a pandemic of enterprise fraud and that’s exactly what COVID-19 was and continues to be.

In July 2010, Obama issued another executive order creating the lane for recommendations from the Federal Experts Security Advisory Panel [FESAP] regarding dual-use BSAT pathogens.

Once that lane was established in July 2011, the Obama regime then removed SARS from the list of BSATs [dual-use pathogens] so that it could be covertly developed as a bioweapon. This eventually resulted in SARS-CoV-2, the pathogen leveraged in the COVID-19 enterprise fraud construct.

All of the above is arduously, tediously, and comprehensively evidenced in the Moonshine timeline and each of the over 100 entries contains links to sources. All of the above began on the 2009 timeline and, specifically, January 2009.

It was in January 2009 that the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide was placed on paper and inherited by Dynastic Bush product Barack Obama. Let’s introduce the concept with several graphic illustrations, which can be sourced below the linked timeline.

When you plot fraud data lines on paper, hallmark signatures are identified: hockey stick shaped lines and inverse reciprocal relationships.

The following select illustrations depict the constructive design of the COVID-19 enterprise fraud:

PAUSE TO CONSUME THE COMPONENT OF FEDERALISM SLOWLY. Federalism is the architecture of the United States as a Constitutional Republic that establishes the jurisdiction and authority of three levels of government: local, state, and federal.

Federalism is the bridge to the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009, which is the blueprint for overthrow. Understand that the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide permits the lanes and vectors to overcome the protections, checks, and balances provided by Federalism’s separation of powers. It occurs such that the Federalism architecture and system of protections can be infiltrated top-down/bottom-up and subverted to be controlled from a single point located at the highest levels of the federal apparatus.

The imperative thing to understand here is how the methodology and components of the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide were overlaid with Federalism as the means by which to infiltrate the nation and hijack critical infrastructure and institutions from the local level all the way up through the federal level.

Two examples are found in COVID-19 and elections. In COVID-19, the federal apparatus only issued recommendations for mitigation policy and enforcement whereas those things were fully implemented and enforced by each individual state. The same can be said for subverting elections as elections, and election systems are matters reserved for each state. The map overlays below depict this visually.

Remember, Obama had eight years to accomplish this.

Here, the teeth of counterinsurgency begin to bite down with full force as we begin identifying the locations of significant infiltration in a variety of important contexts.

The last two illustrations tie it all together in very ominous ways as a direct overlay with the identified locations above, the plausible 37 locations that provide COVID-19 data, and the 37 Federal Reserve locations. I am optimistic that in our litigation, my team will FOIA the 37 locations for the provision of COVID-19 data from 37 “selected” hospitals because I’m all, but certainly, those locations are mostly or entirely the same as in the 37 Federal Reserve locations that follow.

Due to the geographic distribution of the U.S. population, the U.S. has pockets of densely populated locations [urban hub areas] with wide swaths of sparsely populated areas in between. Compare this population density map with the images below respective to elections, COVID-19 and the Federal Reserve. The direct overlays are remarkable and obvious.

This is critically important to understand for this reason: to overthrow the U.S., all 50 states don’t have to be taken, just the 37 densely populated urban hub areas. This is exactly how Dynastic Bush has overthrown the U.S. and the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009, was the blueprint.

The following is extracted from the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009 preface written by establishment functionary Eliot A. Cohen [see the article for more on Cohen]. It is reproduced from my second linked article at the top noting that the bold font items are extracted from Cohen’s preface while the italicized remarks are mine in application to the analysisBold and italicized items have been added to this article. As you examine each of the following, consider the geopolitical events of 2016-present:

Remember, federalism bears down as both the network and the mechanism to make all of this happen.

  • Prolonged counterinsurgency campaignsPerfected in the Middle East and elsewhere this doctrine was applied to leverage federalism as the mechanism for overthrow
  • Supported friendly governments facing internal subversionTranslates to engaging with local, county and state entities of a like mind
  • Best contemporary thought, historical knowledge and hard-won practiceObama co-opted the U.S.’ best work to ensure reliability in leveraging back against us be the circumstance demand it – do or die as per the rule of law (assuming it is eventually enforced)
  • Best kind of doctrinal work(see above) (further consider my intensive examination of the application of Chinese doctrine to America as both warfare and overthrow vectors)
  • Irregular warfare that is varied: Talk to people young and old and ask them to recall a time like the present and they can’t hence the effectiveness of irregular warfare including propaganda, misinformation, disinformation, asymmetrical approaches, infiltration, subversion, insurgency, counterinsurgency and more – all designed to bring about a fog devised to enshroud truth and reality (recall that on 06 May 20, I assumed and have since thoroughly evidenced the position that the U.S. was embroiled in an asymmetrical, irregular and undeclared war with China)
  • Intellectual framework coherent enough to provide guidanceConsider how the infiltration at the university level impacts everything right down to the local school board level and then consider other similar interfaces throughout the entirety of the “friendlies” network as described above
  • Adaptable to circumstancesConsider how a cohort of good “un-rigged” the 2016 election permitting President Trump to legitimately win and how that overarching construct resting on a generational timeline was augmented and revised to adapt to the status quo, which caused an acceleration in the COVID construct as a mechanism to deliver the election, remove Trump and return to operations now on an expedited timeline so as to recapture all that was lost over the previous four years (further consider the revised stance here that was discussed above)
  • Demand on bureaucracies working togetherThis is what the Deep State and Democrats do best; co-opt bureaucracies to conduct fraud in execution of their corruption and crimes (further consider my examination and application of Federalism as the enforcement and bridging mechanism)
  • Allies and NGOsAs noted here and often, the public-private interface is the primary portal for bad actors to bear down on citizen populations to deliver state-sponsored edicts and the non-governmental organization is often the shell entity permitting it
  • Interface of State, Defense, US Agency for International Development: This is redundant co-opting of necessary and beneficial entities within the federal apparatus and otherwise
  • Superior knowledge in the “human terrain”: Everything we’ve seen from the fraudulent pandemic construct to the propagation of its fraudulent data to the fraudulent and stolen election has been the application and execution of psychological warfare doctrine and tactics as perfected within the context of counterinsurgency
  • Using field innovations to knit together lines (to the top)This translates to the ground-up networking approach rooted in infiltration and beginning locally (further consider how technology and the conversion of all things to digital platforms facilitates easy hacking and manipulation [elections currency, communications, etc.])
  • Emphasis on policy as a mechanismConsider that leveraging the federal bureaucracy to leverage policy means compromising policymakers and one example of many is the Swalwell/HPSCI/Chinese spy scenario
  • Remarkable field innovationsInsurance by using the best tried and true methodologies
  • PRTs bringing together civilian and military personnelThis translates to bringing together local, county and state entities with federal entities by leveraging federalism
  • Insurgency as growing security challengeThis is indicative of the weaknesses identified that were eventually positioned for exploitation towards the objective
  • Weak state structuresThis translates to infiltration efforts that delivered acquiescing governors relative to COVID-19, the riots and the stolen election (further consider the examination and application of Federalism as discussed)
  • Demographic pressuresThis includes “white nationalism” and “systemic racism” campaigns and the series of riots 2020-2021
  • Environmental pressuresThis includes last summer’s fires and the relentless false “climate change narrative”
  • Economic pressuresConsider all of the economic devastation delivered by COVID-19 (further consider the emerged and constructed energy, supply chain and food crises)
  • Ease of cooperation between insurgent groups and criminalsThis translates to the existing and emerging networks for Antifa, BLM and relevant others
  • Appearance of destructive ideologiesThis includes projecting Nazism onto Trump supporters, the false “systemic racism” narrative, the false “white nationalism,” narrative, the false “white males” narrative, the false “gun violence” narrative and all of the false flag shootings that go with it and more

Political Moonshine

Make no mistake about it, the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009 that Barack Obama inherited in January 2009 is the blueprint for the overthrow, and forward to the present, it has functioned exceptionally well in unmitigated fashion.

Consider how these new developments augment the analysis in ways to fully support it:

  1. I’ve written volumes explaining how Special Counsel John Durham [“Russiagate”] is a controlled asset empowered by a corrupt and compromised former AG William Barr who designed to be fruitless in clean-up and cover-up operations. I took a beating from about everyone on this analysis, which was entirely on the mark. Now consider new evidence confirming my analysis indicating that the Durham effort opened a criminal investigation into Trump.
  2. The fallout of the Twitter files and the resulting House investigation probing evidence of how the First Amendment rights of the Biden regime’s political opposition were suppressed as off-reservation Americans expressing disagreement on things like stolen elections and fraudulent pandemics were censored in conjunction with a complicit federal apparatus and specifically, the FBI. The first vector to target anyone is to eliminate their free speech.
  3. The FBI was again exposed in a leaked memo evidencing its infiltration of Roman Catholics to brand them as “domestic terrorists” relative to their traditional views like anti-abortion; alleging them to subscribe to “anti-Semitic, anti-immigrant, anti-LGBTQ and white supremacist ideology.”
  4. The Jack Smith Special Counsel charged with handling the Capitol “insurrection” entrapment operation has now issued a subpoena on former Vice President Mike Pence that overlays yesterday’s reporting that another classified document was found in Pence’s home after yet another FBI search. The Pence subpoena indicates that Smith is ready to cinch the noose around Trump’s neck to accomplish the aforementioned objective of making a felon out of Trump to preclude him from holding the Executive ever again. I expect an indictment of Trump soon thrusting Ron DeSantis and the establishment money and support behind him as the clear Republican front-runner in the illusion of the two-party system.

In January 2009, Dynastic Bush functionary Barack Obama inherited the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide. For eight years, Obama applied it in overlay to the United States of America in order to install the architecture for overthrow.

After leveraging a fraudulent pandemic to steal the 2020 election, Dynastic Bush then installed a Chinese proxy into the Executive in Joe Biden. Today and consequently, America exists as a pseudo-Third World banana republic rife with rigged “elections,” chaos, fear, terror, and division that has us on the fast track to World War III.

As I’ve evidenced since March 2021, Biden is going to take a dive into this war to achieve the predetermined and ultimate objective of handing us over to Dynastic Bush, the Globalists, China, and a one-world government.

The blueprint for it all was the U.S. Counterinsurgency Guide, January 2009.


This piece was written by Political Moonshine on February 11, 2023. It originally appeared in and is used by permission.

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