The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine is currently at risk of escalating rapidly into a wider war. While the roots of this conflict are complex and multifaceted, the involvement of the United States and NATO has done little to help resolve the situation. In fact, President Putin’s recent visit to Mariupol seriously challenges western media and US government messaging that Ukraine is winning and President Xi’s diplomacy on peace talks provide even more compelling reasons why the US should not be involved in this conflict at all.

First and foremost, the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is not America’s fight. While the US certainly has a stake in maintaining peace and stability in the region, there is no compelling vital national interest that would justify direct military intervention. The US has no mutual defense treaty with Ukraine, and there is no clear threat to American security posed by the ongoing conflict. In short, this is a conflict that should be resolved by the parties involved, with the support of the international community, but not through direct US involvement.

Second, the US has a poor track record when it comes to military intervention in foreign conflicts. From the disastrous wars in Iraq and Afghanistan to the ill-fated intervention in Libya, the US has repeatedly shown that it is not equipped to resolve complex political and social problems through military force alone. In the case of Ukraine, the conflict is rooted in deep-seated historical, cultural, and political tensions that cannot be resolved through military intervention. Instead, a political solution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved is needed, and the US can play a role in supporting such a solution without getting directly involved in the conflict.

Third, US involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine risks further escalating the situation and increasing the likelihood of a wider conflict. Russia has made it clear that it considers Ukraine to be within its sphere of influence and has shown a willingness to use military force to protect what it sees as its interests. US involvement in the conflict, whether through military or non-military means, could be interpreted by Russia as an act of aggression and is already provoking responses like the tactics used by Russian fighters downing a US drone spying on their territory recently. This will easily lead to a wider conflict that would be devastating for both the region and the world.

Fourth, US involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine risks undermining the credibility of international law and the rule of law more broadly. The annexation of Crimea by Russia and its ongoing support for separatist forces in eastern Ukraine are clear violations of international law and the territorial integrity of Ukraine. The US has rightly condemned these actions and imposed sanctions on Russia in response. However, if the US were to further directly intervene in the conflict, it could be seen as undermining the principles of international law by taking matters into its own hands rather than working through established international institutions.

Finally, US involvement in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine is distracting attention and resources away from other important national security priorities. The US faces a range of challenges around the world, from the ongoing threat of terrorism to the critically important rise of China as a global superpower, our true vital interest. Escalating further involvement in the conflict in Ukraine risks diverting already scarce resources and attention away from these other priorities, leaving the US less secure and less able to address other challenges in the future.

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The US should not be directly involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. While the US has a role to play in supporting a peaceful resolution to the conflict, this should be done through diplomatic channels and by working with other members of the international community. Direct military intervention risks further escalating the situation and could have serious consequences for the region and the world. Instead, the US should focus on supporting a political solution that addresses the concerns of all parties involved and helps to restore peace and stability to the region. In other words, we must act in America’s vital interests first as the leaders we once were to help end this conflict quickly before it is too late.

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