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Wyoming Freedom Caucus Takes Lead Dismantling The Uniparty

Last August 16, people across America were focused to an unprecedented degree on a single Congressional race, which was particularly noteworthy, given that the seat in question was for Wyoming’s only member of the House of Representatives. Despite historically having the lowest population of any state, Wyoming’s election was a watershed event, pitting real grassroots Patriots against that thoroughly entrenched member of the GOP “Establishment,” Liz Cheney. In the end, Cheney was soundly booted from office, losing to political newcomer Harriet Hageman by a margin of thirty-seven points!

Patriotic Americans rejoiced over this victory, which was every bit moral as it was political. Cheney, the RINO of choice for the D.C. Swamp and every collaborating player from Mitch McConnell to the Bush clan to the detestable anti-Trump “Lincoln Project,” could not prevail against those annoying unsophisticated hayseeds in the Cowboy State. This, despite a massive infusion of money and publicity from every corrupt organization dedicated to preserving the Washington status quo.

Yet the story does not end there. An honest appraisal of the just concluded 2023 Wyoming Legislative Session reflects a continued seismic shift in the political landscape, which can and should reverberate throughout the Nation. Genuine Conservatives, who hope to see America rescued from the paws of the leftist/Globalist “Uniparty,” need to pay particular attention. The Wyoming Freedom Caucus has risen to the challenge and prevailed over RINO’s “business as usual.”

A major weapon in the Wyoming Republican Establishment’s arsenal was the thoroughly corrupt and fraudulent primary process, by which Democrats could go to the polls on Election Day, re-register as “Republicans,” enter the voting booth, cast a ballot for the most liberal “Republican” candidate, and then register once again as Democrats before leaving the building. This scam has been in place for years, insulating RINO turncoats from accountability to the voters, essentially putting the most dishonest voting bloc in the “driver’s seat,” especially when a single leftist candidate was running as a “Republican” against a divided field of several Conservatives.

It was on the basis of just such treachery and fraud that Cheney was angling for re-election, despite being one of the most reviled incumbents in Wyoming history. While back in the D.C. Swamp/sewer, she had shed any pretense of being conservative and ultimately proved to be the most devoted minion of Nancy Pelosi and Adam Schiff. During last year’s campaign, she even went so far as to publicly ask for Democrats to crossover and support her.

During the 2023 Legislative Session, the real Republicans and Conservatives of the Wyoming Legislature knew they needed to work harder than ever to finally fix the broken primary system. It was imperative that nothing like the Cheney betrayal could ever be repeated. And with an unwavering courage and devotion to principle, they prevailed.

Wyoming District 4 Representative Jeremy Haroldson, a Christian Conservative who is also Pastor of one of the most dynamic Churches in the town of Wheatland, introduced House Bill 103, which set a deadline for changing party registration, once candidates had filed for office. Consequently, voters would not be in a position to sabotage candidates from the opposing party by crossing over and pretending to be members of the opposing party. As Vice-Chairman of the Wyoming Freedom Caucus, Haroldson was able to count on the full support of the Caucus, which though large, was not a majority of the Legislature. Yet fear of being “joined at the hip” with Cheney was sufficient to cause a few “moderates” to side with Haroldson, and the measure passed.

Wyoming Governor Mark Gordon, who himself is no Conservative, would not sign the measure. But neither did he want to face the collective wrath of Wyomingites, who would have been rightly outraged by a veto. So, after exhausting every option and finding no “wiggle room,” Gordon allowed HB 103 to pass into law without a signature. The repercussions of its passage will be huge!

Within Wyoming, RINOs will no longer be able to seek cover behind the State’s duplicitous Democrat political machine. Hence, more seats in the legislature and the Governor’s office will go to real Republicans instead of Democrats/leftists who are disingenuous enough to “wear the elephant” while campaigning. It is altogether likely that in the 2024 Wyoming elections, an actual solid majority of real Republicans will emerge to take charge of the State House. The advantage for the causes of authentic fiscal responsibility, reduction of bureaucratic bloat, and protection of God-given freedoms could be enormous.

Genuine Patriots in State Houses across America, along with those Freedom Caucus members who are courageously fighting the political “Establishment” in the U.S. Congress, should take particular note of how success is being achieved in Wyoming. In barely four years, the political landscape has been fundamentally shifted away from a long-standing “Good Ol’ Boys Club” to a true representative body that no longer accepts orders from the rich and powerful “Uniparty.” Instead, it now answers once again to “We the People.”

Like Representative Matt Gaetz and the National Freedom Caucus, who took a stand that forced House Speaker Kevin McCarthy to uphold the genuine conservative principle, the Wyoming Freedom Caucus is proving that a principled and resolute minority can take the lead once it musters the resolve to do so. Let this be the beginning of the end of “business as usual” in Wyoming, along with other Red States, and ultimately in the leadership of our Country. Then we can finally see the Democrat/RINO Uniparty consigned to what President Reagan deemed the “ash heap of history,” and America restored to true greatness once again!

This piece was written by Christopher Adamo on March 10, 2023. It originally appeared in RedVoiceMedia.com [1] and is used by permission.

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