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Rescuing Our Military Teams From DEI Destruction

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) is the latest social movement being imbedded in our culture and imprinted on our corporate identity. DEI is viewed negatively by a significant majority of individuals across society, creates inequalities in the workforce, and has failed to deliver any measurable Return on Investment. In the military it is increasingly being viewed as an infection that destroys team cohesiveness, hurts recruiting, distracts from training for the combat mission and more important issues such as suicide rates and sexual assault prevention. Not surprisingly, organizations in the services are trying to mitigate the damage and find pathways back to a unit focus on the combat mission and addressing recruiting, suicide, and sexual assault among other concerns. One organization that assists organizations in understanding what is going on regarding DEI in their organizations is ENODO Global. A veteran owned company that uses technology to analyze today’s modern communication methods in real time to gain insight, assess the data, develop findings, and make recommendations to leaders for solutions. Jim Sisco, a Marine Corps and Navy veteran, the CEO of ENODO Global, Inc specializing in surveilling, analyzing, assessing, and messaging in the 21st century world we inhabit these days. Jim is here to talk to us about his company’s recent projects focusing on DEI and violence prevention in the military.