This is heartbreaking to me as someone that was at the Pentagon on 9/11 and devoted the remainder of a three-decade military career to defeating terrorists. Listen to this warning “More than two decades after the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, 2001, the United States finds itself plagued by a border crisis caused by a President who has placed politics over national security. The Biden administration has left border states scrambling to protect citizens the best they are able, often in defiance of the federal government. Terrorists, murderers, and drug and human traffickers are exploiting the United States’ “compassionate” policies for their own nefarious gain at this very moment. The dire consequences of permitting more than ten million illegal immigrants into the country in such a short amount of time will only truly be realized in the years to come. The need to act before these consequences become inevitable is urgent.” My guest today, National security expert, Charles Marino, a former senior law enforcement adviser to the secretary of Homeland Security and supervisory special agent for the U.S. Secret Service, issues this warning to us in his new book, TERRORISTS ON THE BORDER and in Our Country that destructive ideologies and poor leadership have left America wide open and vulnerable. But he has a plan to save America.