We’ve got new information that changes the way many are viewing the crash that killed the Iranian President and Foreign Minister and in the second half of the show we’ll be discussing the breaking news that the Biden Administration authorized the use of deadly force by the FBI at the unprecedented and highly out of the ordinary Mar-a-Lago raid on Former President Trumps compound and we have Will Chamberlain, Senior Counsel for teh Article Three Project to discuss. as my second guest today.. The new video crash from our friends at Armed Forces Press and CDM media. CDM has a long history reporting from inside Iran and their sources in-country initially told them that the recent crash of Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi in a mountainous region was an accident due to bad weather. My first guest today is the CEO of CDM and reported at the time as a former special operations helicopter pilot himself, with a vast amount of experience flying in limited visibility conditions in mountainous terrain, he unequivocally stated that this type of flying is extremely hazardous. When you combine limited visibility with terrain that is dangerous, and requires power that you many not have due to flying at high altitude, it creates an situation ripe for engine failure, or a situation where you simply don’t have the power to get out of danger, or to avoid obstacles. The new video changes that initial assessment and reporting. I’ll warn you, it has some graphic scenes and the recorder is obviously distressed. Roll the video. Todd Wood. CEO of CDM Media is my guest today.