President Donald J. Trump announced, “Veterans and Military Families for Trump” just before Memorial Day, a Coalition with over 175 endorsements from decorated Veterans, Gold Star families, and heroes who love our country. He said this and every Memorial Day we honor and pay tribute to those patriots of service who have died. This somber day of remembrance should also inspire us to reflect and be grateful for those of service who remain and those still serving today while risking everything to defend our great nation. The coalition’s message continued “Veterans and Military Families for Trump” are unified around their support for President Trump as a leader fighting to ensure that the sacrifices of our Veterans and their families are honored, not forgotten. Unlike the weak Joe Biden, President Trump has consistently proven he cares deeply about the unbelievable sacrifices made by our nation’s Veterans and their wonderful families. While Joe Biden looks at his watch during the dignified transfer of our fallen heroes, President Trump salutes the ongoing service and ultimate sacrifice this community makes every day to protect our communities. This Coalition is an incredible opportunity for our great heroes and their families to help Donald J. Trump finish the job he began during his first term as our nation’s Commander-in-Chief, securing the blessings of freedom for those who selflessly risked their lives to defend it. My guest today is the Executive Director of the Coalition, retired Marine Gunnery Sgt Jessie Jane Duff. Serving in the U.S. Marine Corps on active duty for 20 years, Jessie Jane Duff retired as a Gunnery Sergeant. Throughout her career which spanned multiple assignments in the States and overseas, she provided logistical and training support to combat arms and wing units. Jessie currently serves as an Ambassador to America First Policy Institute, is a Newsmax Analyst, and served on President Trumps 2020 campaign as a Co-Chair of his Veterans For Trump Advisory Board.