Transitioning from one’s birth gender to the other is a brutal, medieval, and inhuman activity supported by medical and mental health workers, I hesitate to call them professionals, almost without question. Worse, according to the Amazon description of today’s guest’s book, Detrans – True Stories of Escaping the Gender Ideology Cult, Trans activists are all about speaking up—unless you regret your “transition” and have made the journey back. If you question gender ideology, you’d better keep your mouth shut. But this compelling new book features multiple interviews with detransitioners and gives a voice to young people who were caught up in this damaging ideology. And their testimony—including from the lawsuits they have filed against the gender-affirming medical and therapeutic professionals who treated them—is unforgettable. “Gay Pride Month” every June has become an unquestioning celebration not just of Lesbians, Gays, and Bisexuals, but also of Transitioning. Detransitioners’ experience reveals that there’s more complexity and pain involved in that category than most people will ever guess. The number of teens and pre-teens persuaded they were born with the wrong body has exploded. Goaded by a toxic online “community” and assisted by teachers, doctors, and even their own parents, they are promptly set on the path of puberty-blockers, cross-sex hormones, and gruesome “gender-affirming” surgeries. Media and activists insist that “transitioning” is the happy ending to these stories. But countless young people bear terrible emotional and physical scars. Adding to their anguish, the transgender community that once embraced them now wants to keep them quiet. Now one fearless reporter, Mary Margaret Olohan, shares their stories. Based on in-depth personal interviews, Detrans exposes the unconscionable abuse these detransitioners have endured—manipulative therapy sessions, mental and emotional anguish, botched surgeries, and attempts to construct phantom body parts. Their testimonies reveal a truth so disturbing that transgender activists will do anything to hide it.