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21st Century Civil Discourse?

Twenty-first century civil discourse seems anything but civil. Voters are beaten; cities torched and congressional town hall meetings disrupted by thuggish, thoughtless thieves of sanity and safety.

Malevolent Millennials used mob rule to intimidate dissent into submission with open support from the Obama administration. President Trump's promotion of law and order was welcome relief to citizens and cops held hostage by rent-a-rioters, gangs and solo assailants on the loose.

The battle to return civility, and safety, to public discourse has taken a decided turn for the better as the current administration makes it clear mob rule won't be tolerated.

Active citizens like former US Senate candidate and America advocate Rob Maness recently held national rallies in support of the president and served notice they were hostages no longer.

If one side won't be civil while discussing civil rights, offenders can expect to be ejected from the public square until their behavior improves.

Nadra Enzi aka Cap Black is creator of the Cap Black Street Patrol.
504 214-3082